Support Scarecrow 2.1 – The Campaign for Scarecrow’s Future

Become a Physical Media Defender… Join us in the Scarecrow 2.1 Campaign!

If you are reading this, then we know that you, like us, have a great love for physical media, and understand the need to ensure its survival. Scarecrow 2.1 is our most ambitious effort ever to move Scarecrow forward to make this a reality – but it will take everyone’s help to make it happen.

This past year’s challenges have taught us two things: 1) we have the most amazing supporters in the world; and 2) in order for Scarecrow to survive all that the future has in store, we must bring our infrastructure into the 21st century. By joining us on this journey with your support, you will help us:

  • Build new systems to seamlessly integrate with our public web portal which will:
    • Allow for real-time inventory updates
    • Create a rent-by-mail experience that is easier for users and more efficient and cost-effective for us.
  • Completely overhaul our website which will offer:
    • A better user interface for searching the collection,
    • Higher functionality in reserving titles,
    • Recommendations for what to watch next, and
    • A centralized place to enjoy our original video and audio content.


As you join us in being a part of the Future of Physical Media, we have a new crop of amazing rewards including limited-edition merch and fun ways to interact with the collection. Check them out  here and grab them before they’re gone.

What’s behind the Scarecrow 2.1 Campaign…

In our 30+ year history stewarding the world’s largest library of film, we’ve overcome a lot of challenges and bounced back from threats to our continued operation, all so we could continue fulfilling founder George Latsios’s mission to connect people with film.

We never foresaw a global pandemic, though.

Shortly before the world went into lockdown, we were offering a pilot rent-by-mail program. As more and more people sheltered in place, interest in the program exploded, and we’re now shipping films to movie lovers in 25 states.

But we’re doing it with severely outdated systems. It’s probably not news that our website has needed an upgrade for far too long. Behind-the-scenes, the tools we’re using to manage the collection and the search utilities you use to explore it are reaching a breaking point. We are grateful to have survived the pandemic, but the experience has made it clear that we need vital infrastructure upgrades to continue beyond it.

Further, recent events have also highlighted the severe limitations of streaming content and, at this point, physical media remains the best way to guarantee that the fullest spectrum of works remains available for us to enjoy while connecting with it as a representation of our collective history. Scarecrow remains the best place on Earth to experience it. Please make your gift in support of Scarecrow 2.1 to assure that remains the case for years to come.

MAKE YOUR GIFT NOW… and don’t forget to check out the awesome rewards!

Viva Physical Media!

Scarecrow 2.1 Donor Rewards

As an added thanks for supporting Scarecrow during our SCARECROW 2.1 campaign, we’re offering some neat, limited-edition merch and fun ways to interact with the Scarecrow Collection.

Make your gift today and be sure to note which reward(s) you’d like when you submit your donation form. Thank you for your role in keeping the Scarecrow Collection available to all for years to come!

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We’re Open for Pickup!

Click here to see all the ways you can support Scarecrow during this period (including renting by mail).


After closing our doors in March to assist with social distancing efforts, Scarecrow Video will resume renting titles via our pickup window on Tuesday, May 19. We are asking patrons to phone in their orders, pay with a card (no cash at this time), and pick up their orders at Scarecrow.

Patrons should always check for the latest information, but for now our plan is:

  • Pickup hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm – 8pm (closed Monday)
  • Please call us at (206) 524-8554 to request and pay for your rentals before arriving. Your order will be available at our pickup window (located between our main doors and our parking lot)
  • During this period of limited service, we are unable to offer our 2-for-1 Wednesday promotion.
  • When picking up your order, please be mindful of social distancing regulations (wear a face covering, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between those waiting for service, etc.
  • If you have rentals to return, You may always use the drop slots in the main doors which are open 24/7, and we are also still gladly accepting returns by mail.
  • Consider purchasing pre-paid rental credits. They save time and money!
  • Remember that we have pre-paid mailers available to make returning titles easier. These are only $4.75, hold four discs, and the postage never expires. If you wish to purchase one, please let us know when you place your pickup order.

For those who prefer it, we are still offering our Rental by Mail service (which is now serving 17 states!). Click Here for info on signing up for that program.


Visit Scarecrow by Appointment

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re opening the doors for by-appointment browsing.

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New Releases for May 11!

It’s New Release Tuesday! This week we’ve got 80’s DIY action, Vanilla Ice, underrated martial arts, women directors on Criterion, a classic Japanese comedy, a vintage Disney animated fantasy, and much more. 

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The Seasoned Ticket #133

Robert Horton is a Scarecrow board member and a longtime film critic. He will be contributing a series of “critic’s notes” to the Scarecrow blog—a chance to highlight worthy films playing locally and connecting them to the riches of Scarecrow’s collection.

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Scarecrow Radio Episode 18

THIS WEEK ON SCARECROW RADIO: Scarecrow’s Kate Barr joins the show again to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of anachronisms in film, especially in the adaptations of Little Women. Also, Scarecrow is launching its monthly REPRESENT! program and are partnered with the Asia Pacific Cultural Center for May to bring our community a curated list of films by Asian Pacific filmmakers. Listen to Darcy and Ben’s favorite picks from this month’s REPRESENT! list.

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REPRESENT! Celebrating all cinematic voices

REPRESENT! is a monthly spotlight of filmmakers and storytellers from different cultures, countries, identities, and underrepresented groups in order to expose and educate our community to unique voices and visions in cinema. Scarecrow will join forces with a spectrum of community partners to collaboratively curate lists of films as well as provide resources about the experiences they represent.

May 2021 – Asian Pacific Filmmakers

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New Releases for May 4!

It’s New Release Tuesday! This week we’ve got a few brand new Oscar winners and nominees, Ernest Hemingway, M.C. Escher, Bill Murray as a cryin-on-the-inside kinda clown, and more.

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The Seasoned Ticket #132

Robert Horton is a Scarecrow board member and a longtime film critic. He will be contributing a series of “critic’s notes” to the Scarecrow blog—a chance to highlight worthy films playing locally and connecting them to the riches of Scarecrow’s collection. Read More

New Releases for April 27!

It’s New Release Tuesday! This week we’ve got your latest Best Picture winner, Dave Chappelle, a batch of Laurel (and/or) Hardy, some Criterion riffs on the French New Wave, grit and grime from Vinegar Syndrome, and more. 

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Scarecrow Radio Episode 17

THIS WEEK ON SCARECROW RADIO: Kate Hagen joins the show again to geek out on one of her favorite Stephen King adaptations, THE STAND. Listen to Darcy and Kate compare the 1994 and the 2020 miniseries as well as their thoughts on other Stephen King miniseries and movies.

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