The Yellow Brick Road Fundraising Campaign!


On July 11th, another major SDOT project, the repaving of our part of Roosevelt, begins in front of Scarecrow. This is the fourth construction project in the last year to happen within one block of us, creating new challenges for our patrons. So we’re papering over our big back wall with our own Yellow Brick Road! This fundraising campaign will pave the way into the next phase of Scarecrow’s non-profit vision. Once we’re over this hump we can get back to what matters most: solidifying our place as a Seattle institution and community resource.

How you can help:           

The Yellow Brick Road campaign builds a new path forward and that means we need lots and lots of bricks – and lots of friends to share the way!

        • $2 and up: Put your name on a yellow brick that will help us build our road.
        • $10 and up: Ruby Slippers…click your heels three times and say “There’s no place like Scarecrow!”
        • $20 and up: We’ll pin up a Flying Monkey with your name on it!
        • $50 and up: You can choose from a grab bag of Oz characters like Dorothy, Toto, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, Glinda or the Wicked Witch, or our namesake, the Scarecrow!
        • $100 and up: In the Land of Oz, anything is possible. Turn the Yellow Brick Road into Fury Road with your own Mad Max or Furiosa!

If you’re contributing at the $50 Level, remember to leave your choice of Oz characters in the Notes field, and please let us know how you’d like your name written (or if you’d like something different) on any reward you choose!

When we started our non-profit venture two years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the challenges that would be thrown at us by local construction zones. It’s thanks to our loyal patrons that we’ve been able to survive this tough year.

As we head into this (hopefully) final construction project, we’ve tightened our belt even more, but we still need to call on the incredible film-loving community in Seattle to step up again to help us get through. On July 6th, we’re kicking off our Yellow Brick Road campaign to pave the way into a construction-free future.

Funds raised in this campaign will go directly toward general operations –things like paying the rent, keeping the lights on, and paying our staff. As a young non-profit, we’re still building relationships with funders. Receiving a boost at this critical time will allow us to get through the tough months ahead. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Art Appreciation: VHS Boxes…OF THE FUTURE


by Travis Vogt

We often think of art as a reflection of the past, or at least the specific time period in which it was produced. Leonardo da Vinci’s work shows us the world of drab lady fashions and Christ suppers that were common in his day. Andy Warhol takes us back to a quaint time when Campbell’s soup was virtually inescapable. Less commonly regarded, but equally important are the works of art that attempt to portray the great unknown—the vast mystery that theoretical physicists commonly refer to as “the future.” Depicting the future is one of the most advanced forms of art-making there is, because most people don’t know what the future holds. Even the great masters, for the most part, were far too cowardly to attempt to paint future-scapes. Da Vinci once speculated about a time when naked men would have four arms and four legs and live in giant hamster wheels. But even he thought that this idea was dumb.

The visionaries who gave us some of the greatest VHS box art of all time, however, were fearless in the face of the unknown. They practically lived in the future, offering one spectacular and mind-bending possibility after another, most of the time only loosely based, at best, on the premise of the movie for which their art was created to promote. Read More

STIFF Helps You Discover New Filmmakers

motivational growth 2

by Tim Vernor

The Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival has been a place to discover up and coming filmmakers for 12 years. We love filmmakers that are able to present an authentic voice while focusing on quality storytelling. I have a lot of favorite films from the last few years. I watch hundreds of independent films each year and the ones that stick with me always have something special about them. These are films made with small budgets and without famous actors. The filmmakers have something to prove and this is their chance to get their work in front of an audience and establish a career. Here are some of my favorite films that were shown in the past years that you can find on the shelves at Scarecrow now. Read More

New Releases for July 26!


It’s the last New Release Tuesday of July!
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A Cross-Country Oddysey With Puppets

muppet movie 1

by John S

There are several cardinal, inviolate rules to road-tripping. Such as, make sure: (1) your vehicle is up to the task, (2) you map out your route but not so firmly that you don’t leave room for the spontaneous, (3) you bring awesome company for some classic interstate conversation, (4) you’ve got a stellar playlist to jam to when you and your posse have a lull in chatter, and (5) you don’t take any unmarked dirt roads that will lead to the run-down estate of a cannibalistic in-bred family that has just been waiting for the perfect group of tasty idiots to do what tasty idiots do best: take unmarked dirt roads, get lost, and die.

Fortunately, our review today is on the pleasant side and its characters don’t wind up screaming and running for their lives like their counterparts in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jeepers Creepers, and Wrong Turn. Nope, our road-trippers are on their way to Hollywood to chase super-stardom. And, harkening back to Road Trip Rule #3 above, they’re all pretty good company, with one major exception we will discuss later. Read More

Six Movies About Alternately-Functioning Families


by Jeremy Mackie

When searching for film references for my latest short Chasing the Sun, I wanted to find film families that mimicked my own experiences, families that certainly didn’t live up to any normal standards in how they were made or operated. The films that accepted that parents are not always perfect, or even around in the end, and kids can be little selfish asses as well, but everybody fights the best fight they can and tries to find a way to connect and survive in far from ideal worlds.

I started thinking of them less as dysfunctional and more just operating in a different way, an alternative method of raising humans in the world, and I think that’s what makes these movies interesting. Read More

New Releases for July 19!


It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday!
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Cinema Collectibles #12: Ed Wood Memorabilia

ed wood memor

by Greg Carlson

Greetings, my friends. We all love a mad genius, someone who overcomes great obstacles to bring his or her off-kilter vision to the general public, whether it’s a song, a painting, or a movie. Every era has produced such misfits and eccentrics, and there will be future misfits and eccentrics that will be entertaining us in the future. And now, my friends, let us go back to the story of a film director who never found success during his short lifetime, but whose own personal masterpieces endured over the years, bringing him the acclaim he so desired. Can your heart stand the shocking facts about the filmography and memorabilia of Edward D. Wood, Jr. Read More

Why WOULDN’T You Play In Hell?!

why don't you play 1

by Andre Couture

Remember when Kill Bill: Volume 1 came out? If you saw it and liked or loved it, imagine a movie strikingly similar, leading up to the big battle at the Japanese nightclub. Except take out the compartmentalized storytelling format, make the impending Yakuza gang war a subplot, and introduce the daughter of one Yakuza clan leader as a successful child actress for a toothpaste commercial (with an infectiously catchy jingle). Let’s also drop a bunch of film nerd kids in as the main characters. They’re wild, crazy, and inspired, so they get to choose whatever name they want for their film club. Let’s call them the Fuck Bombers. They even have their own hangout spot: a Hall of Justice for recreation, centered around film of course, complete with pinball, arcade games, pool tables and spots to sit and eat or drink. The Fuck Bombers want to make their very own movie! An action movie, of course! They even found their own star, their Japanese Bruce Lee. In their fantasy, they have all they need to make their first action spectacular. Meanwhile… Read More

New Releases for July 12!


It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday!

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Taking a Ride on the Giallo Submarine: Amer

amer pic 1

by John S

(A SIFF Midnight Adrenaline Review)

When the call came out from Scarecrow for more “Best-of-SIFF” reviews, I was more than happy to comply. However, I was also determined to review a film that was a bit more on the arty side than Battle Royale, my last review. Unfortunately, as I stood in front of the “Best-of-SIFF” section at the store, trying to pick a “respectable” flick, I suddenly lost consciousness. Read More

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