30 Years of Scarecrow!

Scarecrow Video is celebrating 30 years of connecting people with their new favorite films and in honor of this landmark occasion, we’re launching a 30th Anniversary Fundraiser to lay the foundation for our next 30 years.
Proudly non-profit since 2014, your support has allowed us to keep this important collection alive. At 131,000+ titles (three times the number currently available from major streaming services), we give you the power to curate your own viewing experience like no corporation can.
You’ve also helped us develop unique community outreach efforts. Our screening room hosts free movies and lectures nearly every night, we’ve created programs that deliver meaningful content to families and seniors, and we are currently working with high schools and universities to provide educators with media and the expertise of Scarecrow staff to supplement their lessons.
But most importantly you have kept this collection — the largest publicly available collection in the world — growing and thriving. From international blockbusters to local micro-budgets, from anime to Zoetrope, Scarecrow provides unparalleled access to important, diverse voices and you make it happen.
To keep this collection thriving, please support us during our anniversary fund drive by visiting our GoFundMe. To show our appreciation, we’re offering gifts and opportunities to connect with Scarecrow in unique ways. Learn more about those here. Your gift will assure that this important collection remains publicly available, and you will be funding our continued effort to develop new ways to connect people with their next favorite films. Join us as we lead the way for videos in a digital age!

Want $1 Off a Rental in April?

In honor of STG and the Paramount Theatre’s Leading Ladies series at Silent Movie Mondays, throughout the month of April you can get one dollar off the rental price of any catalog title* written or directed by a female filmmaker! All you have to do is let us know when you check out to get the discount. Women have been an important part of film as a storytelling medium since its inception, and Scarecrow holds the full history – from early 20th Century through to today. Take a deep dive into our vast collection and get a dollar off along the way!

*Not to be combined with any other offer. Catalog titles only.

New Releases for April 17

It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday!

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New Releases for April 10!

It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday!

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New Releases for April 3

It’s a pretty small week for new releases this Tuesday, but check out the big board for what came in for sale!

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The Forgotten WWII Films Of Basil Dearden

by Mark Steiner

Although it’s better known for the series of sublime, witty comedies that included The Ladykillers, Kind Hearts And Coronets, and The Lavender Hill Mob, London’s Ealing Studios was incredibly prolific during WWII, producing films that attempted to raise morale during the war, and examine the toll that war took on the people and the landscape of Great Britain during the postwar era. During this time, Ealing’s most prolific filmmaker was Basil Dearden. Dearden was less of an auteur than incredibly competent craftsman, adept at making comedies, romances, mysteries, and epics, as well as tackling controversial subjects like race relations, sexism, and homophobia in an era when such topics were generally taboo. In films like The Black Sheep Of Whitehall, The Bells Go Down, The Halfway House, Frieda, Cage Of Gold, and I Believe In You, Dearden examined, with compassion, humor, and sincerity, multiple facets of British life during and after World War II.

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New Releases for March 27!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!

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New Releases for March 20!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!

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Introducing Scarecrow’s New Wishlist Collection!

by Mark Steiner 

Scarecrow has built its reputation on having a broad, eclectic mix of videos – everything from big Hollywood blockbusters to small films from marginalized filmmakers and all that’s in between. While we add thousands of new titles each year, there are always some that are out of reach for one reason or another. Those are ones that end up on our wish list – ones we hope that someday we can acquire. Now, with the generous support of a long-time patron, we will be able to bring in films from this list.  Each quarter we will select a certain number of items and showcase them in a special section called our Wish List Collection. To start things off, our new additions feature European imports, seminal avant-garde collections, and important missing pieces to our directors’ sections. Sometimes wishes do come true!

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Scarecrow Video Picks from the Seattle Jewish Film Festival Staff!

By the Seattle Jewish Film Festival staff

The 23rd annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival runs March 10th – 18th with an Eastside expansion April 14th – 15th. The eleven-day festival is a cinematic journey to kaleidoscopic worlds and colorful cultures, and showcases a diverse spectrum of international, independent “isREEL” and “REEL Jewish” films for everyone – 30 films from 12 countries, with 21 guests at fun events featuring local chefs and live music. All that’s missing is you!

SJFF is one of the longest-running and largest film festivals in the city, and showcases Jewish and Israeli cinema and filmmakers that inspire and unite us, broaden our horizons and perspectives on global Jewish life, history, and stories.

This year almost half the films are from Israel in celebration of that countries milestone. As chosen by the expert Seattle Jewish Film Festival staff, here are some great pairings of what’s in this year’s festival alongside what you can find in the deep vaults of Scarecrow Video.

Learn more and buy tickets at: www.SeattleJewishFilmFestival.org


Visiting Scarecrow? Rent: DEFIANCE (2008)

Coming to the festival? Don’t miss: MAKTUB, screening on Saturday, March 10, at 8:30pm at AMC Pacific Place, the Seattle Jewish Film Festival’s Opening Night film this year! In MAKTUB, two Jerusalem mob enforcers turn into unlikely secret angels after they survive a terrorist attack in this delightful, Quentin Tarantino-esque tough-Jews comedy-caper. The evening also includes a Tom Douglas Dessert Party!


Visiting Scarecrow? Rent: THE CONCERT (2010)

Coming to the festival? Don’t miss: ITZHAK, screening on Sunday, March 11, at 5:45pm at AMC Pacific Place. Itzhak Perlman’s mastery of the violin catapulted a child prodigy from Israel with polio and the son of survivors onto the world’s most prominent stages. The biopic is one of the best in the fest, and features cameos from Alan Alda and many of Perlman’s friends and collaborators. What a musician, what a mensch!

Visiting Scarecrow? Rent: WHEN COMEDY WENT TO SCHOOL (2013)

Coming to the festival? Don’t miss: LAND OF MILK AND FUNNY, on Sunday, March 11, at a special Brunch Event happening at 9:30am followed by a Comedy Show and the film screening at 11am, at AMC Pacific Place. Standup comedians from diverse backgrounds (i.e., Gary Gulman, Craig Robinson, and Dwight Slade who will attend and do a short set) tour Israel with comic Avi Liberman and offer unique and unscripted takes on the holy land.

Visiting Scarecrow? Rent: WALK ON WATER (2004)

Coming to the festival? Don’t miss: SHELTER, on Wednesday, March 14, at 9:00pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Israeli director Eran Riklis (SYRIAN BRIDE, LEMON TREE) returns with a female-centered, neo-noir, psychological thriller. An uneasy bond develops between an Israeli informant and the Mossad agent sent to protect her.

Visiting Scarecrow? Rent: SYRIAN BRIDE (2004)

Coming to the festival? Don’t miss: SHALOM BOLLYWOOD, on Saturday, April 14, at 8:45pm, at Regal Cinebarre Issaquah 8 (a full-menu venue!), the Seattle Jewish Film Festival’s Eastside Opening Night film this year! Who knew that Indian-Jews dominated Bollywood for the first half of its 100-year history? This surprising and entertaining documentary profiles six legends of the Indian cinema that made Bollywood what it is today: the largest and one of the most progressive, cutting-edge film industries in the world. Tickets include free popcorn and a beverage!


Visiting Scarecrow? Rent: TURN LEFT AT THE END OF THE WORLD (2004)






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