Lost in the Beauty of a Detail (Film is Truth)

by Marguerite Corrigan I never had the courage to be a harlot. A jezebel. A lady of the night. But I play one in my day-dreams. When I was a child, I dreamt of Scarlett O’Hara, perched on her… Read More

Video Store Children Are the Future (Vulcan Video)

by Bryan Connolly There are a lot of great things one gets from working at a Video Store. Free rentals! Talkin’ about movies all day! It’s the easiest job ever: rent movies/put movies away! But for me the… Read More

New Releases for October 13!

It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday!

Haunted Landscapes and Ghostly Guests: Ten Great Gothic Films

by Rhias K Hall The gothic imagination has long been obsessed with darkness and dread. Gothic literature, starting with Horace Walpole’s Castle of Otranto focused largely on dark family secrets, shocking revelations, and supernatural phenomenon. Gothic film borrows… Read More

SHRIEK Women of Horror: Rosemary’s Baby

by Evan J Peterson Tuesday will be the second night of SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film and Discussion Class at Scarecrow Video. This week, we’ll watch Rosemary’s Baby—one of the best psychological horror films ever made.