New Releases for March 22!

It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday! 

Madder Furiosa: Girl Power Street

by John S IT’S LIKE THIS: A little known cinematic rule called the Bechdel Test requires a film to have: (1) at least two female characters, who (2) actually talk to each other, and (3) they have to chat… Read More

Death Proof Aces the Bechdel Test

by Norm Nielsen Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 Death Proof gets an A+ on the Bechdel Test. It’s a female talk fest punctuated by two exceptionally well-crafted car stunt sequences. Death Proof‘s eight female leads talk to one another at length… Read More

New Releases for March 15!

It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday! 

The SPECTREs of James Bond: Past, Present, and Future….

by John S WARNING:  Some SPOILERS. Just over three years ago in late 2012, the James Bond franchise was riding a wave of popularity higher than any since the early glory days of Goldfinger and Thunderball in the mid-1960s.  Skyfall,… Read More