A Few Non-Contrarian Thoughts On SUICIDE SQUAD

by Travis Vogt I’d really love to say that I thought Suicide Squad was good. After reading all of the negative reviews (40 on Metacritic? That is WAY too high) and hearing all of my friends tell me… Read More

Cinema Collectibles #13: Orca and Alligator Posters

  by Greg Carlson One of the great features of the still-standing independent video stores is the meticulous classification of distinct subgenres on the shelves. Managers at Blockbuster Video had no problem with Smokey and the Bandit being… Read More

New Releases for August 9!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!

Movie Postmortem: Memoirs of an Invisible Man

by John S Movie Postmortem is a monthly series that reviews certain films that showed promise but misfired (critically and/or commercially) upon initial release. Join us in our attempt to find out exactly what the hell happened. The… Read More

New Releases for August 2!

It’s the first New Release Tuesday of August!