The 2016 Scarecrow Membership Drive!

  The 2016 Scarecrow Membership Drive is here and we need YOUR help! This year is Scarecrow’s first ever Membership Drive, and we’ve set a goal of bringing a 100 new members on board before the end of… Read More

New Releases for September 20!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School: Teen Rebellion With A Smile On Your Face

By Norm Nielsen Come on and admit it: At least once (if not many times) during your high school years, you wished that some event closed down the school while your classmates danced in the halls to a… Read More

New Releases for September 13!

SHRIEK Women of Horror: Ringu

by Evan J Peterson & Heather Marie Bartels SHRIEK has moved to Naked City Brewery and Taphouse in Greenwood! Scarecrow Video continues to be a sponsor, providing us DVD usage and blog space. We will still have occasional… Read More