Movie Postmortem #2: SLIVER

by John S Movie Postmortem is a monthly series that reviews certain films that showed promise but misfired (critically and/or commercially) upon initial release. Join us in our attempt to find out exactly what the hell happened. The… Read More

New Releases for October 11!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!

Sexy Dispatches from TWIST

  by Keith Bacon TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival (formerly the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival) is exciting in ways beyond just a new name—the festival has broadened its reach into new realms of visual storytelling, including… Read More

New Releases for October 4!

It’s the first New Release Tuesday of October!

SHRIEK Women of Horror: Slumber Party Massacre

by Evan J Peterson SHRIEK returns to Scarecrow Video for one night to kick off our Women Horror Directors festival on Sunday, October 2! Join us for The Slumber Party Massacre, directed and produced by Amy Holden Jones…. Read More