All About Birdie

by Nathaniel Cowper In a movie dominated by Bette Davis’ eyes, which fill up approximately 60% of the screen, it’s unnecessary to look elsewhere in order to have a pleasant viewing experience. But All About Eve offers up… Read More

The Double Act of Harry Dean Stanton: PARIS, TEXAS

by Ryan Swen Throughout the years, a great many auteurs have sought to tackle the idea of “America”, which is often cast as a near-mythic landscape filled with iconography and populated by broken souls. Of these myriad efforts, German… Read More

New Releases for February 7!

It’s the first New Release Tuesday of February!

Scarecrow Field Notes Episode 2: An American Slice of Life

It’s an all new episode of Scarecrow’s video essay series Field Notes. This installment is all about the way lower-budget and independent films are often much better at depicting the day-to-day world than their more expensive and more… Read More