New Releases for August 11!

This week we have several new documentaries, a creepy Nickelodeon revival, a Bolo Yeung double feature, a weird AMC show, three Carole Lombard movies, an ice skater biopic, a cursed Colecovision cartridge, two vampire comedies, a killer kid… Read More

The Seasoned Ticket #99

Robert Horton is a Scarecrow board member and a longtime film critic. He will be contributing a series of “critic’s notes” to the Scarecrow blog—a chance to highlight worthy films playing locally and connecting them to the riches… Read More

New Releases for August 4!

This week’s new releases include some crazy b-movies and classroom scare films, a documentary about how movies portray disability, a new film by a top anime director, Russian sci-fi, TV fantasy, Sylvester Stallone playing soccer with Pelé, Olive… Read More