Scarecrow’s Video Store Day Online Auction!

This auction is part of Scarecrow Video’s 30th Anniversary and Video Store Day celebration. Your bid helps preserve and grow one of the largest publicly available video archives in the world. Non-profit since 2014, we use this unparalleled collection to create communities through our shared love of cinema and deliver outreach programs that seniors, families, and film lovers of all stripes treasure. Thank you for your support!



Three Gorgeous Blu Rays From AGFA
Lady Street Fighter, Godmonster of Indian Flats, and The Sword and the Claw plus personalized movie recommendations from AGFA.

3 Blu Rays from our friends at AGFA. This set includes

Lady Street Fighter
Written and produced by exploitation demigod Renee Harmon (FROZEN SCREAM) and directed by the legendary James Bryan (DON’T GO IN THE WOODS), LADY STREET FIGHTER is a joyous blast of no-holds-barred chaos from one of the most important female filmmakers in genre history. AGFA’s stellar new 2K preservation is now available on Blu-ray and jam-packed with extras, including a new 2K preservation of the never-before-released sequel, REVENGE OF LADY STREET FIGHTER.

Godmonster of Indian Flats
Written and directed by infamous outsider artist Fredric C. Hobbs (ALABAMA’S GHOST), GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS is the story of an eight-foot-tall toxic sheep monster that blows up gas stations, smashes crooked politicians, and terrorizes children! AGFA and Something Weird’s beautiful new 4K preservation is now available on Blu-ray and jam-packed with extras, including a new 2K preservation of the equally deranged THE LEGEND OF BIGFOOT.

The Sword and the Claw
Exploding from the same hallucinogenic netherworld as TURKISH STAR WARS, THE SWORD AND THE CLAW stars Turkish genre legend Cüneyt Arkin in his most iconic role. It’s CONAN THE BARBARIAN meets The Three Stooges meets DOLEMITE with more lo-fi bloodshed, pop-art visuals, and bizarro dubbing than the boundaries of reality can handle.

And, as a bonus, Joe Ziemba, Director of AGFA & Genre Programming & Promotions, will provide the winning bidder with personalized movie recommendations.


Thank you!
Joe Ziemba

Found Footage Festival Fiesta!
5 Found Footage Festival DVDs and a Rejuvenique Face Mask Signed by Nick and Joe

Nick and Joe at the Found Footage Festival have been collecting and curating VHS craziness for over a decade. Fast food instructional tapes, bizarre home videos, celebrity weirdness, public access oddities, and pets are just a tiny sliver of what you’ll encounter in these fine programs.

And there’s no better way to enjoy these than viewing them through the creepy eyeholes of a Rejuvinique face mask. This home beauty treatment endorsed by Linda Evans delivers painful shocks to your face and makes you look like Michael Meyers while doing it. The winner will receive one signed by Nick and Joe.


Thank you!
Found Footage Festival


Original Art Print Created and Signed by Grace Zabriskie!
Help Us But Leave Us Alone – An Original Work by Grace Zabriskie

In addition to her numerous film and television roles (notably portraying Sarah Palmer in Twin Peaks) Grace Zabriskie is an amazing artist producing works in a variety of media. Grace created this beautiful print as a commission for the Piedmont Arts Festival in 1971. The winner will receive this beautiful 32” x 24” work (unframed) that is signed by Zabriskie.


Thank you
Grace Zabriskie, Edward Lee, Joy Trimble


Rare and Delightful Work by Gregory Blackstock
Limited Edition Poster – “40 Memorable Seattle Joys To Go For”

Seattle native Gregory Blackstock, who is autistic, supported himself from his late teens working menial jobs such as paper carrier, janitor, and dishwasher. He started creating his distinctive catalog style drawings in his early 40s, but he was nearly 58 years old before they were brought to the attention of a local art dealer and he had his first solo show soon thereafter. Today his work is held by museums, important collection, and individuals throughout the world. A book of his early work was published in 2006.

Besides his art and playing the accordion for whomever will listen, Blackstock finds incredible joy in watching his favorite movies again and again. Early Disney animated films, Sean Connery’s James Bond, wildlife adventure shows from the early 60s are special favorites and he can – and will – recite all the parts from 1963’s It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, often startling fellow bus passengers. Naturally, over the years, he has been a frequent Scarecrow customer.

It was a tremendous honor in 2010 for this self-taught artist to be asked to create original art to be used for Bumbershoot’s 40th anniversary. Blackstock titled the drawing “40 Memorable Seattle Joys to Go For” and it features iconic Seattle scenes drawn in the artist’s compelling style.

This rare poster was only available for sale inside the festival grounds during Bumbershoot weekend in 2010 and is not to be found in the secondary marketplace.


Thank you!
Gregory Blackstock
Dorothy Frisch
Greg Kucera


Jeff Krulik Care Package
Gobs of Ephemera and Goodness from Director Jeff Krulik
Prolific director and party responsible for the cult phenomenon Heavy Metal Parking Lot has kindly provided an array of artifacts and ephemera representing his work. Our lucky winner will receive:

– An 11×17 Heavy Metal Parking Lot 30th Anniversary poster from the year-long exhibit at the University of Maryland signed by John Heyn and Jeff Krulik

– A Heavy Metal Parking Lot DVD signed by John Heyn and Jeff Krulik

– Heavy Metal Picnic and The Legend of Merv Conn DVDs

– HELL YEAH! Heavy Metal Parking Lot @30 – a 78-page paperback commemorative booklet that was sold at the opening for the 30th anniversary exhibit. Small print run, signed and inscribed by Jeff

– Postcard and ephemera assortment of 12 items spanning 1994-2013 used to promote Jeff’s screenings and appearances (including Legend of Merv Conn, Led Zeppelin Played Here, and Ernest Borgnine on the Bus’s 1998 Broadcast Premiere)

– A rare original postcard for Don’t Quit Your Day Job Film and Video Festival 1990. According to Jeff “this was going to be the last public screening of Heavy Metal Parking Lot. John and I were going to hang it up after that. I wrote a note included in the package saying such. This is the earliest item included, and four years after we made Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Seriously, it was when were planning to hang it up, we couldn’t force our friends to watch it anymore.”


Thank You!
Jeff Krulik

Original Roadhouse Shooting Script from Kevin Tighe

Among his numerous and memorable credits (Emergency!, Lost, Star Trek Voyager), Kevin Tighe portrayed Double Deuce owner Frank Tilghman in cult favorite Road House. Own a piece of cinema history by bidding on Kevin’s original shooting script from the film. This original & complete working script displays all the colors that denote revisions. It also includes all of Kevin’s acting notes, some of which are revisions that he suggested in the dialogue.


Thank you!
Kevin Tighe


Women in Cinema Set and a Signed Copy of I Blame Dennis Hopper and Exclusive Video From Illeana Douglas

Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers – 6 DVD Box Set PLUS Exclusive Video from Executive Producer Illeana Douglas and a Signed Copy of I Blame Dennis Hopper

This breathtaking 6 DVD set collects features, shorts, and fragments by some of the most celebrated and innovative women filmmakers from the early decades of cinema. Alice Guy-Blaché helped establish the basics of cinematic language, while others boldly continued its development: slapstick queen Mabel Normand (who taught Charlie Chaplin the craft of directing), action star Grace Cunard, and LGBTQ icon Alla Nazimova. Unafraid of controversy, filmmakers such as Lois Weber and Dorothy Davenport Reid tackled explosive issues such as birth control, abortion, and prostitution. This crucial chapter of film history comes alive through the presentation of a wide assortment of films, carefully curated, meticulously restored in 2K and 4K from archival sources, and presented with new musical scores.

The winner will also receive a signed copy of I Blame Dennis Hopper and an exclusive video from actor/author/luminary and executive producer Illeana Douglas where she’ll share her favorite moments from the set and behind-the-scenes insight into everything that made this project possible. Just for you!


Thank you!
Kino Lorber
Illeana Douglas


Blood Trilogy Goodness

Herschell Gordon Lewis Signed Blood Trilogy 40th Anniversary Reunion Poster and Limited-Edition Vomit Bag

Own a piece of bloody good cinema history with this duo of a rolled 40th Anniversary Blood Trilogy Reunion poster (signed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, David F. Friedman, Connie Mason and Mal Arnold) and a Limited-Edition Vomit Bag from the 50th Anniversary also signed by Lewis.


Thank you!
Lisa Petrucci
Something Weird Video


Rainbow Leatherface

Limited-edition (and Sold Out) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Print

This 36” x 24” hand-numbered screen print from a limited (and now sold out) edition of 275 by Robert Sammelin celebrates Leatherface in motion and pops with rainbow colors. Created for the 2018 Texas Frightmare Festival this work is perfect for any fan of the classic film.


Thank You!


Bob and Friends

Exclusive Photo Montage from the Twin Peaks Set by Richard Beymer

Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne from Twin Peaks) took these photos on set and created a montage of Bob, Leland, and Laura at their full-on Black Lodge-iest. We’ve printed and framed it for you, but you’ll also receive the unwatermarked and highly exclusive image file from Richard’s personal collection for your own use (no sharing, please).


Thank you!
Richard Beymer
Greg Olson


Sub Pop Vinyl Megapack
Vinyl and Swag From Sub Pop

Legendary Seattle label Sub Pop (who are also celebrating their 30th anniversary) has blessed us with a stack of wax awaiting one lucky bidder.

This set includes:

Bob’s Burgers Music Album Box Set – 3xLp, + 7″ Entire series songs to date!

U-Men – complete re-issue 3xLP including 5 previously un-released songs, 16-page booklet w/ photos, interviews, download and more.

Nirvana – Bleach Deluxe 20th Anniversary 2xLP Newbury Edition clear/black swirl vinyl, limited edition of 1500 copies

Washed Out – Paracosm Test Pressing (#40 0f 50 pressings)

SPF30 Singles Club Set – Split 7”s from Mudhoney/Hot Snakes, Metz/Cliooing, Shabazz/Chad Vangaalen, Frankie Cosmos/ LVL Up

Winner also receives a lovely SUB POP hat, tee shirt, and tote! Egads!


Thank you!
Sub Pop


Giant VHS
Sculpture from Exhumed VHS

As seen at Scarecrow and better video archives throughout the world. Susan Vorhees of Exhumed VHS pays homage to everyone’s favorite format responsible for shoving indelible images into eyeballs for decades. This lightweight 3-D sculpture is 5 times the size of a normal video cassette, lovingly crafted and detailed, and fully wall-mountable (tabs on the back for hanging).


Thank you!
Exhumed VHS
Susan Vorhees


Twin Peaks Tour

You and a guest will join experienced tour guide and Twin Peaks super fan David Isreal for an in-depth guided tour of Twin Peaks Seasons 1 & 2 locales. The tour begins with a short 30 minute drive east of Seattle and features 21 possible locations (weather/time permitting) including: Laura and Donna’s picnic spot, Twin Peaks High School, the Gazebo, the Giant Log, and the infamous murder train car location! Also enjoy a slice of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee at “The Double R.”

The tour will take approximately 3-4 hours from door to door, but the memories will last a lifetime!

(Winners have the option to upgrade to the “Complete Twin Peaks Tour” for up to 3 people)

The winner will also receive his or her choice of 1 Twin Peaks Season (or Fire Walk With Me) on DVD or Blu Ray.


Thank you!
David Israel
Twin Peaks Tours
Kate Barr


Artifacts from the second-to-last Blockbuster Video Store in Anchorage Alaska
Signs, T-shirt, and a mystery lot of 70+ DVDs

Help celebrate the demise of the chain that tried and failed to bring down independent video stores. These items came to us directly from the recently shuttered Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska and include a t-shirt, signage, a beach ball for some reason, and a mystery grab bag of over 70 previously viewed DVDs. They’re in sleeves with no cover art but they do bear the markings of the now extinct chain and most of them aren’t horrible. Love surprises? Then this is for you! (Does not include Russell Crowe’s jock strap)


Thank you!
Woods Fairbanks


Duplass Brothers Productions Ultimate Gift Basket

Get this one-of-a-kind “insider” gift basket from the Duplass Brothers (Mark and Jay Duplass), the team that brought you “SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED”, “THE ONE I LOVE”, “CYRUS” and many more!

Basket includes a signed hardcover copy of their book “LIKE BROTHERS”, as well as the audiobook narrated by Mark & Jay; DVDs of “CREEP”, “THE SKELETON TWINS”, “6 YEARS”, “BLUE JAY”, “ASPERGER’S ARE US” and the HBO show “TOGETHERNESS” Seasons 1 & 2, and a hard to find original DVD of the brother’s early short film work; special “crew only” apparel and swag from the HBO show “ROOM 104” and films “THE BRONZE” and “DUCK BUTTER”; and lastly an original “THE PUFFY CHAIR” postcard signed by the brothers!


Thank you!

Mel Eslyn
Maddie Buis
Will Dowsett
Mark and Jay Duplass


Signed Numbered Limited Luna Mesa Blu Ray + Shirt from Trent Harris

LUNA MESA is yet another wild departure from traditional cinema, something Trent Harris has become known for. Luna (Liberty Valentine) discovers the dead body of her lover in a hotel room in Cambodia. She also finds a secret notebook filled with cryptic messages. The book leads her on an astonishing journey to the far corners of the earth and beyond.

This signed and numbered limited edition Blu Ray includes Director’s Notebooks, exclusive video extras, paintings Harris did in Mexico, and postcards Harris sent to himself.

The winner will also receive a “My Cat Can Eat A Whole Watermellon” Ruben & Ed Shirt (size small)!


Thank you!
Trent Harris


Kung Fu Grindhouse Experience!

Seth Goodkind and friends programmed Kung Fu Grindhouse, a monthly b-movie/exploitation show treasured by Seatellites from 2005 and 2015, mostly at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. We’ve all been blessed with revival shows here and there and YOU can be a part of the next one.

The winner of this auction will have the opportunity to co-curate a future Kung Fu Grindhouse screening. This includes working to produce a show from their deep list of previous favorites, or hunting down some new treasures. You will also help develop a fun interactive crowd experience using some clever prop souvenirs or costumes as seen in previous shows. This offer is redeemable within 1 year.


Thank You!
Seth Goodkind
Kung Fu Grindhouse


Scarecrow Screening Room Trivia Party
Match Wits With Scarecrow Cinephiles

You and your guests will have the Screening Room to yourselves and will participate in a movie trivia challenge facilitated by Scarecrow’s staff of ardent cinephiles. Snacks and beverages are on us!


Thank you!
Scarecrow Staff


Escape Room Experience for You and 5-7 Friends

The creators of the Georgetown Morgue proudly present an exciting concept in interactive entertainment – a real life escape experience!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to escape from a prison cell? Or maybe to be confined inside a morgue and you have to find your way out?

Imagine you and your friends, family, or colleagues are trapped in a themed, highly realistic series of rooms. With only 60 minutes to escape, you must work together as a team as you race against the clock to explore your surroundings using logic, instinct, and critical thinking to find secret passages, solve puzzles, crack codes, and uncover hidden mysteries that will ultimately lead to your escape.

The winner of this auction (and 5-7 friends) can choose from one of four themed escape experiences (Cell Block 12, the Georgretown Morgue, Bank Job, or Abducted!)


Thank you!
Deanna Kolling
Seattle Haunts LLC


The Horror!
2 Weekend Passes to 2019 Seattle Crypticon (May 3-5) and 2 Signed Books from Horror Author Grady Hendrix

Enjoy a weekend’s worth of the pacific northwest’s premiere celebration of the macabre full of panel discussions, screenings, and vendors offering specialty gifts and collectibles.

The winner will also receive signed copies of Grady Hendrix’s We Sold Our Souls (a great novel celebrating heavy metal and contractual obligations to the devil) and Paperbacks From Hell (a gorgeously illustrated overview of the 80s paperback horror explosion). Grady, whose film reviews have appeared in Variety and Film Comment, has also generously offered to provide personal recommendations of his favorite horror films!


Thank you!
Ghouls of the Crypt
Grady Hendrix


Movie Date Night #1
Dinner for 2 and Two Hours of Pool or Bowling at Garage and 2 10 Movie Punch Cards for Central Cinema

A night on the town with dinner and 2 hours of bowling or pool at Garage, then take in a movie at Central Cinema. And then take in 9 more after that!


Thank you!
Central Cinema


Movie Date Night #2
Rhein Haus Gift Card and 5 Admit 2 Passes to Northwest Film Forum

Enjoy dinner and drinks (up to $75) at Capitol Hill’s little slice of Bavaria and then head up the street for a film at the Northwest Film Forum. And then enjoy four more offerings from their ever-compelling lineup.


Thank you!
Rhein Haus
Northwest Film Forum


High Times
2 Tickets for the Kush Tour and 2 Passes to SPLIFF – the film festival “by stoners, for stoners”

You and a guest will enjoy a comprehensive overview of the entire cannabis industry from seed to sale led by Kush Tourism’s expert guides. The tour includes a glass blowing demonstration and an inside look at grow operations, edible production, and extraction labs.

Winner will also enjoy two passes to the first annual SPLIFF film festival April 19 and 20th, 2019. Creative types of all stripes will entertain, challenge, and amaze SPLIFF audiences with short films that examine and celebrate recreational marijuana use and its liberating effects on our imaginations, appetites, libidos, and creative energies.


Thank you
KUSH Tourism


A Sweet Deal!
2019 Cake Club Membership from Deep Sea Sugar & Salt

Beginning in March 2019 you will receive a 6″ Cake delivered to your front door on the third Sunday of every other month. The cakes are always a different flavor, include a floral design, and are guaranteed to include a sweet surprise. The fine folks at Deep Sea Sugar and Salt have provided many a cake for Scarecrow staff and volunteers and we know firsthand that you are in for a TREAT.

Delivery is limited to Seattle area. Winners outside the immediate area may pick up at their shop in Georgetown. Membership runs March 2019- February 2020.


Thank You!
Charlie Dunmire
Deep Sea Sugar & Salt


Bake Off
Group Cake Decorating Class from Deep Sea Sugar & Salt and One Season of The Great British Bake Off DVDs

Learn to build and decorate Deep Sea Sugar & Salt’s yummy London Fog cake with 4 of your friends. The lesson is approximately 4 hours long and each person will leave with a full cake and a Deep Sea T shirt!

The winner will also receive a season (your choice!) of The Great British Bake Off on DVD or BluRay.


Thank You!
Charlie Dunmire
Deep Sea Sugar Salt
Kate Barr


Fantagraphics Bonanza
17 Books From Fantagraphics, a tour, and movie recommendations from Fantagraphics Staff

Venerated Seattle publisher Fantagraphics Books has blessed us with a stack of awesome titles for one lucky winner to get lost in. This package includes:

Almost Silent by Jason
Fred The Clown In … The Iron Dutchess by Roger Langridge
Katherine Whaley by Kim Deitch
The Search for Smilin’ Ed by Kim Deitch
Supertrash by Jacques Boyreau
Sexytime by Jacques Boyreau
Hip Hop Family Tree (Vols. 1+2 box set) by Ed Piskor
Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
To Have and to Hold by Graham Chaffee
TEOTFW by Charles Forsman
It’s All One Case: The Illustrated Ross Macdonald Archives by Paul Nelson & Kevin Avery
Jack Davis: Drawing American Pop Culture — A Career Retrospective by Jack Davis
Old Jewish Comedians by Drew Friedman
More Old Jewish Comedians by Drew Friedman
Even More Old Jewish Comedians by Drew Friedman
Too Soon? Famous/Infamous Faces 1995by2010 by Drew Friedman
Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead Is Purely Coincidental by Drew Friedman

In addition, our lucky winner will receive a private tour of the Fantagraphics offices and personalized movie recommendations from Fantagraphics’ own Scarecrow super-fans.


Thank you!
Gary Groth


Up Close and Personal With The Georgetown Morgue
6 VIP Speed Line Tickets and Behind the Scene Tour passes to The Georgetown Morgue

Get spooky at Seattle’s premiere haunted house attraction which takes place in an actual former morgue! Winners receive 6 Speed Line tickets which provide front of the line access AND a behind the scenes tour. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Passes good through November 3. Check for a schedule of events.

This auction will end on 10/22 to give the winner ample time to redeem it.


Thank you!
Deanna Kolling
Seattle Haunts LLC


Oscar Party in the Scarecrow Screening Room

Enjoy the full Oscar program in the comfort of our Screening Room. You and your guests will have the room to yourselves to enjoy the annual celebration of cinema. Snacks and beverages are on us!


Thank you!
Scarecrow Staff


Women In Jazz
Lady Be Good – Instrumental Women in Jazz DVD and two tickets to a Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra Performance

Kay Ray’s film Lady Be Good gracefully interweaves rare archival footage, photos and filmed interviews into a full understanding of this important chapter in American musical history. Interviews with musicians, band leaders and historians include Clora Bryant, Barbara Carroll, Joy Cayler, Quincy Jones,  Melba Liston, Marian McPartland, Bruce Raeburn, Carline Ray, Jane Sager, Artie Shaw, Dr. Sherrie Tucker and Gerald Wilson, just to name a few. The film is narrated by the talented musician, Patrice Rushen.

The winner will also receive two tickets to the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra’s October 27 concert at the Rainier Arts Center featuring Sheryl Bailey and the world premiere of the 2018 Composition Contest winner, A Step to My Dream by Tracy Yang.

Since the performance is on the 27th, this auction will end on 10/22.


Thank You!
Kay Ray
Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra


Two Passes to the North Bend Film Festival

Two passes to the second annual North Bend Film Festival scheduled for August 2019. Set in the scenic town of North Bend, this festival focuses on standout vanguard programming and includes events that celebrate the town’s charm and place in cinema history as the shooting location for Twin Peaks. Passes also include access to select festival parties and mixers.


Thank you!
Justin Timms
North Bend Film Festival


Cinema Ink
1 Hour of Tattoo Time on a Movie-Themed Tattoo at True Love Art Gallery.

Artist and friend of Scarecrow Seth Goodkind combines his talents and love of movies by inking cinematic homages into people’s skin. The winner of this auction will receive a certificate entitling them to an hour of tattoo time redeemable within 1 year. (Standard rates apply after the first hour).


Thank you!
Seth Goodkind


The Magic Lantern of Ingmar Bergman: Sawdust and Tinsel
2 Passes to SAM’s Annual Ingmar Bergman Series

Enjoy two series passes to the Seattle Art Museum’s annual celebration of Swedish writer-director Ingmar Bergman. Bergman, the secular son of the Swedish Royal Court’s pastor, ponders the essential human questions. What gives life meaning? How do we find intimacy and love? Are we sustained beyond death? Bergman’s mesmerizing storytelling and family of superb actors answer with the eloquence of the human face. Films are in Swedish with English subtitles.

The series runs from January 10 to March 7, 2019 and tends to sell out rather quickly. Nine of Bergman’s masterpieces will be shown. See the full schedule here.

The winner will also receive the Ingmar Bergman A Film Trilogy DVD set from Criterion which includes Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light, and The Silence.


Thank you!
Greg Olson
Kate Barr


SIFF Party!
SIFF Film Center Rental

Choose a movie from Scarecrow, gather a gaggle of your friends, and enjoy it on the big screen in the luxury of the SIFF Film Center (subject to availability).


Thank you!



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