The Seasoned Ticket #117

Robert Horton is a Scarecrow board member and a longtime film critic. He will be contributing a series of “critic’s notes” to the Scarecrow blog—a chance to highlight worthy films playing locally and connecting them to the riches of Scarecrow’s collection.

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Scarecrow Radio Episode 8

THIS WEEK ON SCARECROW RADIO: Ben and Darcy talk to cast and crew from movie theaters all over Seattle to see how they’re holding up in 2020 and how best we can support them. Tune in for talks with the folks running SIFF (@siffnews), the Grand Illusion (@gicinema), the Ark Lodge (@arklodgecinemas) and The Beacon (@thebeaconsea).

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by Madeline Jarvis

I went into this for a good time, damn it. OK and maybe too high of hopes or expectations. Is it really my fault, though, to have sought seasonally-appropriate levity and cuteness to help get thru this time of the year, especially this year, when I heard that a “gay holiday romcom” directed by Clea DuVall and featuring Kristen Stewart was forthcoming? 

As I complained to a friend soon after watching, “Can’t someone just make a realistic, adult relationship between two queer women that isn’t frozen in some random time period, completely depressing, or solely about ~comingout~?”

Another queer friend who watched the movie with his partner, said it succinctly: “We were not expecting so much suffering.”

To be fair, most movies featuring LGBTQ stories, especially depictions of queer women and femmes, have historically shown us just that: suffering. So by comparison, yeah, HAPPIEST SEASON is a tip-toe of a step towards progress/representation. It’s just that I had been picturing something closer to But I’m a Cheerleader meets A Christmas Story meets that Jingle Bell Rock scene from Mean Girls, with a cast that might even reflect my own friends. Something stupid, but current, fun and with heart… an inclusive Christmas comedy classic?

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New Releases for December 15!

This week we’ve got Christopher Nolan’s latest, Iñárritu via Criterion, evil entities, Drew Barrymore as an outlaw, Jodorowsky’s trauma therapy, British politics, overlooked musicians, suckoids, several classic Warner Archive titles, and more!

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