SHRIEK Women of Horror: The Invitation


by Evan J Peterson

Join us at Naked City Brewery in Greenwood for SHRIEK: Women Horror Directors Fest! We’ll continue viewing and discussing a range of horror films directed by women; next up, Karyn Kusama’s jaw-dropping return to feature films: The Invitation.

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Movie Postmortem #2: SLIVER


by John S

Movie Postmortem is a monthly series that reviews certain films that showed promise but misfired (critically and/or commercially) upon initial release. Join us in our attempt to find out exactly what the hell happened.

The Casualty: Sliver

The Case History: Based on the 1991 bestseller by Ira Levin (The Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s Baby, A Kiss Before Dying, The Boys From Brazil), Sliver follows cool, composed, but emotionally-vulnerable Manhattan book editor Carly Norris (Sharon Stone, at her foxiest) and what happens when she moves into the titular “Sliver” building, so named because it is 32 stories tall with only two flats on each floor. The place is luxurious as hell, with some hot-ass tenants in the form of computer software engineer Zeke Hawkins (Billy Baldwin, arguably the foxiest Baldwin), rough-edged crime novelist Jack Lansford (Tom Berenger, when he still looked like Kevin Costner’s dirty/sexy twin brother), and slinky maybe model/maybe escort Vida Warren (Polly Walker, who was the hottest thing in Patriot Games). Read More

Sexy Dispatches from TWIST



by Keith Bacon

TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival (formerly the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival) is exciting in ways beyond just a new name—the festival has broadened its reach into new realms of visual storytelling, including a 2-D art show, a dance class, VR and 360º filmmaking technology, and can’t-miss live performances. It’s the biggest, boldest, most immersive and ground-breaking edition of the festival ever.

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SHRIEK Women of Horror: Slumber Party Massacre


by Evan J Peterson

SHRIEK returns to Scarecrow Video for one night to kick off our Women Horror Directors festival on Sunday, October 2! Join us for The Slumber Party Massacre, directed and produced by Amy Holden Jones. Pajamas encouraged!

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Stats on The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Director and Producer: Amy Holden Jones
Writer: Rita Mae Brown
Score: Ralph Jones
Nudity: Immediate and plentiful
Major actors: Michelle Michaels, Pamela Roylance, Robin Stille, Michael Villella, Debra De Liso, Andree Honore, Gina Smika Hunter, Jennifer Meyers
Gore: plentiful
Body Count: we lost count (many)
Major Protagonists: Female
Villain: Male
Does it pass the Bechdel-Wallace test? Yes, and early.
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The Scarecrow Video Psychotronic Challenge


by Jensen Ward

31 days. October. 2016


Denoting or relating to a genre of films that typically have a science fiction, horror, or fantasy theme and were made on a low budget.
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