Rock ‘n’ Roll High School: Teen Rebellion With A Smile On Your Face


By Norm Nielsen

Come on and admit it: At least once (if not many times) during your high school years, you wished that some event closed down the school while your classmates danced in the halls to a savage rock ‘n’ roll beat. Allan Arkush’s 1979 Rock ‘n’ Roll High School delivers on that fantasy. because as the saying goes, “it’s a good rock ‘n’ roll song if it has a good beat, you can dance to it, and your parents hate it.” Read More

SHRIEK Women of Horror: Ringu

Ringu Ring sadako eye

by Evan J Peterson & Heather Marie Bartels

SHRIEK has moved to Naked City Brewery and Taphouse in Greenwood! Scarecrow Video continues to be a sponsor, providing us DVD usage and blog space. We will still have occasional events at Scarecrow, but we begin our new Sunday meetings this weekend, Sept. 11 at Naked City with Ringu, a Japanese franchise that ignited an American hunger for Asian horror. Tickets here: Read More

Great Cats of Cinema


by Ryan Davis

Meet the star of the new (and soon to be cult favorite) comedy CHATTY CATTIES, Leonard Fischbein—a wisecracking roommate who tells it like it is. You can catch Leonard on the big screen on three upcoming Friday nights at Northwest Film Forum (Sept. 9th, 17th, and Oct 8th at 10pm). Leonard is part of a long tradition of cinematic cats who, in addition to being cuddly charmers, help serve the plot in a range of ways—whether it be through symbolism, the MacGuffin, character development, or another device. Here’s a list of some my favorite Silver Screen scratchers. Rescue one today—they’re all available to take home from Scarecrow. Read More

Cinema Collectibles #14: Flop Film Swag

flop film art

by Greg Carlson

Many employees of media companies, movie theaters, and retail outlets carrying film and home entertainment-based products can get through the workday knowing they will always have one fringe benefit: several free promotional items sent over to hype an upcoming theatrical or DVD release. Free passes to movie screenings are great and all, but it’s the physical objects placed on the “free stuff” table that piques major interest, with employees hoping that they will be in possession of some unique and exclusive collectibles resembling the inventory of Corky St. Clair’s memorabilia shop at the end of Waiting For Guffman. There’s always that chance, however, that the promotional materials will be tied to a box-office bomb or a forgotten/barely released film, and you’re left with a hoodie, mouse pad, shot glass, etc., that will elicit blank stares and confusion from your friends. Meanwhile, figurines of characters from unsuccessful “potential franchise” films get shipped back to the toy companies, with only the optimistic collectors hanging onto the unopened packages in the hopes to flip them online. Read More

Scarecrow Suggests in City Arts!

road house city arts

by Scarecrow Staff

Check out what Scarecrow staff members have to say about some of September’s exciting new DVD and Blu-ray releases in the latest issue of City Arts Magazine! OR you can just click the the handy logo link below and read it using the magic of the internet. Either way, you can’t lose! Many thanks to City Arts for being so awesome.

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