John Carpenter is Your God. Obey.

JC marquis

by John S

On June 14, Tuesday, the Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle played host to one of the greatest film music composers of our time. It just so happens this great film music composer is also one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. Who is this formidable double threat? Two clues: his first name is my first name, and his last name is the English noun for someone who builds things. And to all the comedians out there: no, his name is not “Numbnuts Architect.” It is…John Carpenter. Read More

The Really Real World With Pedro

pedro pic

by Clyde Petersen

In the winter of 2014, Clyde Petersen and Paul Shin began the overwhelming task of watching and reviewing every film in the GLBTQ section of Scarecrow Video. While Paul and Clyde have only made it through a few hundred of these films so far, it’s fair to say they are slowly becoming historians in the art of the DIY Homemade Homosexual Art Films. This series will highlight a select few standouts. Find out more here:

Pedro (2009)
Director: Nick Oceano
Writer: Dustin Lance Black (Screenplay)

Who knew that eight years after Dustin Lance Black made the horrible film On the Bus, about a bunch of young twinks that go to Burning Man, he would write the screenplay for the Academy Award-winning film Milk and this acclaimed MTV film. He finally seems to have found his calling. Read More

Five Feminine Horror Films of the Mind and Soul

feminine persona

by Kris & Lindy Boustedt

When we set out to make our latest feature, BRIDES TO BE, we started with a premise that we haven’t often seen: can a movie be equal parts psychological horror, romance and character study?

We wanted to create a film that inspired dread, of course, but that was rooted in the emotional realities of our characters and dealt with universal questions of the human condition.

Though not routinely celebrated for that fact, this is what we think horror does best: expose ourselves to ourselves, with chills along the way.
Read More

Cinema Collectibles #11 – Time Bandits Script and Map

time bandits script

by Greg Carlson

Note: this column contains spoilers for a 35-year-old film. If you haven’t seen Time Bandits yet, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

A dyed-in-the-wool film fan never forgets their first experience when a movie makes a profound effect on their psyche, where it’s more than just two hours of entertainment or an excuse to get out of the house. Although I was able to experience some classics in my youth – The Empire Strikes Back and Fantasia come to mind – the bulk of the movies that I saw during my elementary school years were pretty much lightweight, disposable fare. The way I viewed movies changed in late 1981, when I saw Time Bandits in the theater. This film blew my nine-year-old mind with its everything but the kitchen sink storyline, imaginative set pieces, six British dwarves and a young boy as the de facto lead actors, and a bleak but not unhappy ending. It definitely helped that I was around the same age as Kevin, the protagonist of the film, and, like Kevin, I spent hours creating dioramas with a random assortment of figurines, miniature vehicles, and building blocks, as well as gathering historical facts through encyclopedias with pictures – lots of pictures. Read More

Battle Royale: 42 Shades of WTF?

battle royale 2

by John S

(A “Best of SIFF” Review)

If you’re a genre fan, you don’t spend most of your life watching mysteries, thrillers, and horror flicks without developing a forgiving attitude to most things weird and bizarre. However, once in awhile you do find yourself witnessing something that makes you wonder: “Oh, Sweet Mother of Crap, what the hell am I watching and will I ever be the same?” Read More