Outsiders, Visionaries and Madmen: The Eccentric Artist in Film


by Melanie Reed

To consider the question of eccentricity to is consider the question of connection vs apartness. One could make the case that all artists are eccentric, since to comment creatively on society is effectively to have to stand apart. But artists to which the term best applies are those who occupy a more extreme and unique place with regard to social context. Such individuals play special roles in the realm of human endeavor, and a good documentary filmmaker can elucidate these roles by presenting the artists as artfully, thoughtfully and fully as if they were fictional characters with symbolic meaning for the world.
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New Releases for November 3!


It’s the first New Release Tuesday of November!

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SHRIEK Women of Horror: Alien

by Evan J Peterson

We’ve had a great first half at SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film and Discussion Class, located in the Scarecrow Video screening room. We’ve seen some chilling female villains, some kick-ass female heroes, and some characters who fell in between. This week, we’ll watch Alien, a working-class feminist haunted house thriller from outer space. But is it horror or science fiction? Why not both?
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A Spent, Bled, Pixel (Film is Truth)

film is truth another
by Dee Dee Chapman

We prolong any talk of closed doors.
I, the longest standing employee,
have an efficient system for stocking candy.
I’ve seen how the inventory changed to free
space for Blu-ray. When asked, “Does Netflix
stream this?” I smile, keep dusting the film.
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New Releases for October 27!


It’s the last spoooooky New Release Tuesday until Halloween!

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