SHRIEK Women of Horror: Rosemary’s Baby

mia farrow

by Evan J Peterson

Tuesday will be the second night of SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film and Discussion Class at Scarecrow Video. This week, we’ll watch Rosemary’s Baby—one of the best psychological horror films ever made.

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Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Preview!


by Kathleen Mullen

The 20th annual Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival launches this Thursday, October 8 and runs to October 18. There are so many new filmmakers and a host of veterans with work that you will want to know and love! And, of course, Scarecrow Video holds the treasure of many of our directors and actors previous works.

Come see the latest work from Dreya Weber, Ellen Page and more, then go rent their past movies at Scarecrow. Or, get up to speed with the other classics by filmmakers like Bruce LaBruce, whose seminal 1996 work HUSTLER WHITE is playing at the festival.

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SHRIEK: Women of Horror Begins Tuesday with CARRIE!

carrie pic

by Evan J. Peterson

Tuesday will be the first night of SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film and Discussion Class at Scarecrow Video. We’ll watch Carrie (discussed below in this post), I’ll tell you some things to look for and some things you probably don’t know about the film, and then we’ll have a community discussion.

Seats are expected to go quickly at SHRIEK, but you can reserve your space in the class here.

Stay tuned for next week’s session on Rosemary’s Baby!

The SHRIEK community film class is designed to offer everybody an affordable, accessible way to learn about film and women’s studies while enjoying kick-ass heroines in some of the best horror films ever made. We hope to inspire more women to get involved in film making, especially in the horror genre, where women are severely underrepresented behind the camera.

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Kevin Clarke Reporting From Fantastic Fest

fanfest belladonna

by Kevin Clarke

We sent intrepid part-time entertainment journalist and Scarecrow employee/loyalist Kevin Clarke to Austin’s Fantastic Fest to report on the goings on. Well, technically he sent himself. Either way, these movies look awesome.    

Green Room (2015)
Fanfest greenroom
Jeremy Saulnier’s (Murder Party, Blue Ruin) genius, sadistic take on the siege movie. Best movie of the fest. Punk band. Neo-Nazis. Patrick Stewart. That’s all I’m gonna say.
Oh, and Springsteen is my desert island pick. It’ll make sense when you see the movie.

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New Releases for September 29!


It’s the final New Release Tuesday in September!

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