Lost in the Beauty of a Detail (Film is Truth)

film is truth

by Marguerite Corrigan

I never had the courage to be a harlot. A jezebel. A lady of the night. But I play one in my day-dreams. When I was a child, I dreamt of Scarlett O’Hara, perched on her decrepit plantation staircase clutching a shotgun, glowing in Technicolor. I must have watched Gone With the Wind a hundred times, until the VHS fell apart. I stretched the iridescent film strip between my fingers and wondered how so much beauty could be contained in such a tiny picture.

My love affair with film began on Vivian Leigh’s face. From that point on, I loved watching old movies. I l tried to imagine that I was a siren of the silver screen, teetering on the edge of doom while I was painfully stuck in puberty. For me, film has always been about the power of transcendence, to be lost in the beauty of a detail. A woman’s handkerchief, a glare on the windowpane, soft words whispered in the night. I’m the kind of person who will labor over a detail and I suppose that’s why film appeals to me. Because every detail is a labor of love.

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Video Store Children Are the Future (Vulcan Video)

vulcan vid

by Bryan Connolly

There are a lot of great things one gets from working at a Video Store. Free rentals! Talkin’ about movies all day! It’s the easiest job ever: rent movies/put movies away! But for me the best thing about working at Vulcan Video for seven years has been renewing my faith in the future of the human race.

I use to get pretty weighed down thinking about the stupidity of mankind and how we are all doomed. I no longer think this. This is based on the interactions I’ve had with kids whose great parents bring them here to rent. First off, how awesome is it that there are kids in 2015 that will have memories of renting actual physical movies from real live human beings. It makes me very happy to know that these kids will have the same nostalgia and memories of looking at shelves and shelves  of movies that I do. Second, kids are renting the darndest things these days. A ten year-old is flying through I Love Lucy. A girl and her little brother are watching all of the original Godzilla films. A pre-teen wants to know what the best John Wayne films are. They’re obsessed with 60s Batman and think that Welcome Back Kotter is pretty funny. I got a little dude coming in quoting The Warriors to me. A group of young teens want to watch all the 80’s slashers they can get their hands on. How can this be? Why is this happening? Aren’t they all supposed to be jacked in, surfing the net, drooling over their phones?

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Haunted Landscapes and Ghostly Guests: Ten Great Gothic Films


by Rhias K Hall

The gothic imagination has long been obsessed with darkness and dread. Gothic literature, starting with Horace Walpole’s Castle of Otranto focused largely on dark family secrets, shocking revelations, and supernatural phenomenon. Gothic film borrows heavily from those traditions. Gothic stories often revolve around innocent heroines who find themselves isolated in sprawling mansions surrounded by foggy moors, or set on storm-wracked coastlines. Often these women meet and fall in love with men who are not what they seem. Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre who keeps his unhappy ex-wife in the attic, or the charming master of Dragonwyck with his bouquet of Oleanders are prime examples. Other popular gothic tropes are family curses, ghostly visitations, and homes which are tainted by some indefinable evil.

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SHRIEK Women of Horror: Rosemary’s Baby

mia farrow

by Evan J Peterson

Tuesday will be the second night of SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film and Discussion Class at Scarecrow Video. This week, we’ll watch Rosemary’s Baby—one of the best psychological horror films ever made.

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Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Preview!


by Kathleen Mullen

The 20th annual Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival launches this Thursday, October 8 and runs to October 18. There are so many new filmmakers and a host of veterans with work that you will want to know and love! And, of course, Scarecrow Video holds the treasure of many of our directors and actors previous works.

Come see the latest work from Dreya Weber, Ellen Page and more, then go rent their past movies at Scarecrow. Or, get up to speed with the other classics by filmmakers like Bruce LaBruce, whose seminal 1996 work HUSTLER WHITE is playing at the festival.

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