Children’s Hour Returns…Online!

Until we can all meet again for our Children’s Hour sessions in person at Scarecrow, please enjoy this online version with your young ones.

The theme for our second series is Celebrating the Arts! Join us each week for a new video.

For Episode 7, let’s move to the music!

Scarecrow Video Presents – Children’s Hour: #S207 Music! (Celebrating the Arts) from Scarecrow Video on Vimeo.


Let’s Dance in episode 6!

For episode 5, let’s put together some collages!

Our Celebrating the Arts series continues with a closer look at drawing!

Let’s hang out with Muppets in episode 3!

Our Celebrating the Arts series of Children’s Hour continues with Episode 2, Coloring and Magnificent Monsters!

The first episode of Series 2 is all about Costumes!


And if you missed Series 1’s exploration of the Elements of Life: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air, they’re all here for you to enjoy!

Our last video for this season of Children’s Hour is all about the Water Cycle. If you’d like updates about our next season, send an email to and we’ll send word when it’s on its way. Thanks for watching!


For episode 7, join us for a trip under the sea!


Episode #6 continues our look at things flying in the sky!


This week our series takes to the air with episode #5, mechanical things that fly!


The Elements of Life series continues with this fun look at fire myths and legends!


Episode #3 is a great way to learn about Fire Safety!


Episode #2 continues our Earth exploration with a closer look at volcanoes!

Scarecrow Video Presents – Children’s Hour: #2 Volcanoes! (The Elements of Life: Earth) from Scarecrow Video on Vimeo.


Episode #1 – Celebrating the Earth!

Visit our Vimeo page to download a digital copy of this program. You can also view these on YouTube here.  (Note that the YouTube versions are sometimes shorter…)

Scarecrow Video’s Children’s Hour is a virtual version of the program we’ve offered since 2015. Ideal for pre-K kids, Children’s Hour is a combination of storytime, clips from the Scarecrow library, arts activities and science experiments. A part of Scarecrow’s community outreach efforts, Children’s Hour has long been a family favorite for free, educational arts programming in the Seattle area.

We’re very grateful to these sponsors who make Children’s Hour possible:

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