Scarecrow 2.1 Donor Rewards

As an added thanks for supporting Scarecrow during our SCARECROW 2.1 campaign, we’re offering some neat, limited-edition merch and fun ways to interact with the Scarecrow Collection.

Make your gift today and be sure to note which reward(s) you’d like when you submit your donation form. Thank you for your role in keeping the Scarecrow Collection available to all for years to come!

Please note: we’re incredibly grateful for the current matching gift challenge, but donor rewards are based on the total of your gift alone (e.g. a $25 gift qualifies for a $25 reward rather than a $50 reward). Please contact us if you have any questions.

$10 – Scarecrow 2.1 Stickers

Proudly display your support with these limited-edition designs by Scarecrow’s own Wil Long.


$25 – Your Top 10 List

A list of your top ten movie recommendations posted in our newsletter and archived in a special in-store binder of supporter recommendations. Share your favorites with the Scarecrow Community!


$30 – Scarecrow Koozie *or* Scarecrow 2.1 Poster 


Keep your canned beverages cool with the Scarecrow logo Koozie or keep your wall cool with this limited-edition poster featuring Wil’s Future of Physical Media crow.


$35 – Enamel Pin 

Rep Scarecrow and keep your lapel looking sharp with this brand new enamel pin available exclusively to supporters.


$50 – Pint Glass *or* DOUBLE Mystery Box 

Make movie night even better by enjoying a refreshing beverage out of our new logo glassware.

Or choose a Mystery Box of 10 DVD and VHS titles, chosen by our staff based on your completed movie preferences survey. Twice the size of our normal Mystery Boxes for a limited time!


$75 – Limited-Edition Scarecrow Shirt 


Grab this limited-edition tee, designed by Scarecrow’s own Wil Long, before it’s long gone! Choose adult sizes or, by popular demand, the alternate kid’s version for the future physical media lover in your life.


$100 – 4 Clip Show Downloads *or* Your Recommendation List

Choose four of these hilarious, feature-length VHS clip reels gathered entirely from Scarecrow Video’s vast collection of vintage VHS craziness: VHSXMAS (1 or 2); VHS Variety Special; Sports, Leisure & Videotape; The VCR That Dripped Blood (1, 2 or 3); VHS for President; VHSEX (1, 2 or 3); Saturday Morning Confusion; VHS Vengeance; This is Your VCR on Drugs; or Rock Out With Your VCR Out.

For a hint about the joy that awaits you, here’s a trailer:

Or, if you’d prefer, choose to have your very own list of favorite movies immortalized on the Scarecrow Recommends page with design flourishes provided by Scarecrow’s own Bryan Theiss! See some examples here.


$150 – Title Sponsorship *or* Curate a Shelf 

Sponsor a specific title of your choice from the Scarecrow collection (subject to availability) or curate your own shelf (up to 15 titles) for a limited time in-store.


$200 – Scarecrow Merch Bonanza! (T-shirt, Tote, Beanie, Stickers, and Pin)

Receive the limited-edition shirt, pin, and stickers and we’ll also throw in a tote bag and beanie branded with the iconic Scarecrow logo.


$250 – Downloads of ALL the Clip Shows

Wow. You’re in for a treat if you choose this. 15+ hours of clipshow nuttiness including VHSXMAS (1 & 2); VHS Variety Special; Sports, Leisure & Videotape; The VCR That Dripped Blood (1, 2 & 3); VHS for President; VHSEX (1, 2 & 3); Saturday Morning Confusion; VHS Vengeance; This is Your VCR on Drugs; and Rock Out With Your VCR Out.


$300 – Store Sponsorship 


Sponsor a part of the store for the next 12 months with a personalized plaque. Sponsorship options include the Wesley Snipes DROP ZONE cutout above the Action section, the emergency light with the rat on top of it outside the documentary room, the bathroom key, a fire extinguisher, the coffee stain in front of the War section, the Berenstain Bears Binder, and a screening room oscillating fan. Or feel free to inquire about your own favorite nook or cranny to slap your name on. We can probably work something out.


$350 – Curate a Mini-Section

Choose up to 50 titles from our collection for your own featured, limited-time sub-section of the store! Pick a theme or just list off your favorites!


$500 – Sponsor a Section

Subject to availability, sponsor a section (or sub-section) of the store! Have your name forever associated with your favorite director, country, genre, or sub-genre.


$750 – Curate an Endcap

Choose up to 200 titles and share your enthusiasm for them with Scarecrow patrons.


$1,000 – One year rent-by-mail subscription (1 package of 6 discs per month) *or* private rental at the Beacon!

Choose this reward and we’ll mail one package of 6 discs to you every month for 12 months…a great way to catch up on titles unavailable to stream.

Or, thanks to our friends at the Beacon Cinema, choose a private rental (subject to availability). Choose any film under 2.5 hours long and enjoy it with up to 24 folks in one of the city’s best places to see a movie. (Screening times are currently 1:00 and 7:00 on select days. All guests must wear masks at all times, including in the lobby, restrooms, and in the auditorium. The Beacon will clean and sanitize all surfaces and points of contact between screenings and our staff will abide by all safety protocols recommended by the Washington State Department of Health. Staff reserve the right to cancel the event if participants are observed to be violating safety protocols.)


$1,500 – One year rent-by-mail subscription (2 packages of 6 discs each per month)

Double up on Scarecrow titles through the mail and make a significant dent in your to-watch list!


$2,000 – One year of Mystery Boxes (1 per month, 20 titles each)

Fill out a survey about your movie preferences and receive a Mystery Box of 20 DVDs and/or VHS every month hand-picked by Scarecrow Staff to fit your tastes!


$5,000 – 1 year of free rentals

Free rentals for 1 year. That’s right! A whole entire year of free rentals with no late fees! An incredible opportunity to take the deepest dive into the world’s best library of film and TV.

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