Scarecrow Academy — Semester Three: The Art in Horror

Scarecrow Academy: The Art In Horror continues online and has been extended!

Saturdays at 2:00pm.

Scarecrow Academy’s “The Art in Horror: Horror and the Director” returns on Halloween Day with five more weekly investigations into how powerful directorial visions can transform the horror genre.

Discussions are led by film critic Robert Horton, author of the Seasoned Ticket column at the Scarecrow blog, whose books include a study of the 1931 Frankenstein. Since we can’t convene at Scarecrow, you will have to track down and watch the films yourself. Rent them from us or check below for other options. Please do watch the films before attending The sessions are FREE and open to all but registration is required. Find the registration links below. Once registered, we will send a reminder about each event along with information on how to join.

Here’s your host with a little sneak peak at HEREDITARY

November 28

Ari Aster: Hereditary (2018)

The director of Midsommar looks at a troubled family’s spiral into terror, in a film fueled by claustrophobic production design and Toni Collette’s astonishing performance.

Rent it from us or check these other options

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