New Releases for November 24!

This week we’ve got box sets from the highbrow likes of Federico Fellini as well as the low-budget regional horror of William Grefé. There’s Buck Rogers and the latest from Martin Scorsese and MAD MAX in 4K and… Read More

New Releases for November 17!

by Bryan Theiss In this week’s new arrivals we have romance, serial killers, road raging Russell Crowe, a 70-foot-tall radioactive man, super hero comedy, super hero horror, two different impeached presidents, one president who’s not impeached but is… Read More

New Release Thursday?!

by Bryan Theiss In our never-ending quest to get pretty much everything, we’ve brought in a new batch of Kino-Lorber releases that we’d previously missed. (These are all blu-rays, but many of them we also have on DVD.)

New Releases for October 27!

by Bryan Theiss This week’s new arrivals include some last minute pre-Halloween horror revivals, three loaded special editions of Clint Eastwood westerns, two Michael Caine spy thrillers, a Criterion edition of last year’s best picture winner (including a… Read More

New Releases for October 20!

by Bryan Theiss Lions, graboids and killdozers, oh my! This week we got in some new and old horror that may enhance your seasonal celebrations, plus a timely mini-series from the creators of The Wire, a crime movie… Read More