New Releases for June 30!

It’s the last New Release Tuesday of June!

Charleston, Taxi Driver and the Modern Condition

by Shaun Scott The mass murderer with a gun and a grudge became a media fixture after the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999. Over time, the initial shock of that cautionary tale wore off because we saw… Read More

Nightmare Nostalgia: The Electric Grandmother

  What’s the first movie you actually remember watching? Your first tangible memories of a film that you can still replay in your head to this day? For me, it’s not one movie; it’s three movies that came… Read More

New Releases for June 23!

  It’s the first New Release Tuesday here at our new Blog!

Welcome to the Scarecrow Wire!

  Scarecrow Video has the largest private video and physical media collection in the United States–possibly the world. Therefore, as you might imagine, we are staffed by and allied with the kinds of people who live to watch,… Read More