20/20 Awards–For Your Consideration: Se7en

by Kris Kristensen [This post originally appeared on the 20/20 Awards site.] The 20/20 Awards uses the advantage of time and perspective to annually re-evaluate the Oscars from 20 years prior. Utilizing the benefit of hindsight, a voting… Read More

Blu-Ray Genre Classics: Jack Hill’s ‘Spider Baby’ and ‘Pit Stop’

by Sean Axmaker [Originally written for Parallax View, reprinted with permission of the author.] Spider Baby (Arrow, Blu-ray+DVD) is one of the greatest blasts of creative B-movie inspiration to hit American drive-ins and grindhouses. It was the solo… Read More

New Releases for August 25!

Welcome to another Glorious New Release Tuesday!!

Indispensable Oddities: Emmett Montgomery

by Travis Vogt With Indispensable Oddities, Scarecrow asks an artist of note to select and discuss a few of their favorite films which many people might not be overly familiar with. For this inaugural installment, we spoke with Emmett Montgomery, a Seattle-based… Read More

Art Appreciation: VHS Box-PLOSION!

by Travis Vogt Action is one of the most transgressive movie genres known to man. The only genres proven to be more transgressive are blaxploitation, body horror, revenge-sploitation, New Queer cinema, gothic horror, docufiction, mumblecore, remodernist, erotic thriller and quite… Read More