New Releases for September 29!

It’s the final New Release Tuesday in September!

Waifs and Strays: Treatments of the Solitary Girl in Film

by Melanie Reed Since its inception, film has been employed to raise society’s awareness of the plight of its abandoned or marginalized members. But the ways these kinds of stories have been told vary as dramatically as the… Read More

Art Appreciation: VHS Ninja Box Chop!

by Travis Vogt Few genres have given more masterpieces to the world of VHS box art than Ninja movies. What is it about these films that so inspired legions of box artisans throughout the years? The balletic movement of… Read More

New Releases for September 22!

It’s time once again for New Release Tuesday!


by Kevin Clarke With THIS IS ACTUALLY WHAT HAPPENS we present you with a movie that actually exists, and proceed to describe events that genuinely transpire, regardless of how implausible they might sound.  The late actor Dean Jones made… Read More