SHRIEK Women of Horror: It Follows

by Evan J Peterson On Tuesday, April 5th, join us for the next installment of our SHRIEK: Women of Horror film and discussion class. This time, we’ll get into It Follows, one of the most original, popular, and… Read More

Cinema Collectibles #8: Mod Magnets

by Greg Carlson Note: this column contains minor spoilers for Quadrophenia. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you stop reading and go rent the movie, preferably the Criterion Collection DVD. Millions of dollars have been made… Read More

New Releases for March 29!

It’s the last New Release Tuesday in March!

RIP Garry Shandling

by Leo Mayberry  We probably met Garry Shandling on the Tonight Show. He sort of crept into our lives, my family and myself, as we spent evenings in front of the TV set in the little rural town… Read More

“Get Away From Her, You Bitch!”

by Cole Hutchison Them’s fightin’ words.  An immortal verbal throwdown barked out by the true queen of action cinema, delivered from the steel womb of an artificial exoskeleton just before it’s maneuvered with equal parts strength and grace… Read More