Kleenex, Cries, and Videotape: Movies that Make Me Weep

by Emalie Soderback Sometimes, you know that nothing would be better for your emotional and physical wellbeing than a darn good cry. Not a silent-weeping-on-the-bus-home cry, or a hide-in-the-backroom-at-work cry (believe me, you won’t feel a hundo percent… Read More

New Releases for June 28!

It’s the last New Release Tuesday of June!

The Glorious Discomfort of Fateful Findings

by Andre Couture It’s usually hard to begin sorting out your thoughts when it comes to cinema that challenges your understanding of how ideas are communicated through film. It is even harder to sort out those thoughts when… Read More

The Best of DYKE TV on VHS (1993-2007)

by Clyde Petersen In the winter of 2014, Clyde Petersen and Paul Shin began the overwhelming task of watching and reviewing every film in the GLBTQ section of Scarecrow Video. While Paul and Clyde have only made it… Read More

New Releases for June 21!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!