SHRIEK Women of Horror: SUSPIRIA!

by Evan J Peterson & Heather Marie Bartels On Tuesday, August 2nd, we’ll gather in Scarecrow Video’s screening room for another session of SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film & Discussion Class. This month, we’ll examine Suspiria, an… Read More

Art Appreciation: VHS Boxes…OF THE FUTURE

by Travis Vogt We often think of art as a reflection of the past, or at least the specific time period in which it was produced. Leonardo da Vinci’s work shows us the world of drab lady fashions and Christ… Read More

STIFF Helps You Discover New Filmmakers

by Tim Vernor The Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival has been a place to discover up and coming filmmakers for 12 years. We love filmmakers that are able to present an authentic voice while focusing on quality… Read More

New Releases for July 26!

It’s the last New Release Tuesday of July!

A Cross-Country Oddysey With Puppets

by John S There are several cardinal, inviolate rules to road-tripping. Such as, make sure: (1) your vehicle is up to the task, (2) you map out your route but not so firmly that you don’t leave room… Read More