New Releases for January 31!

It’s the last New Release Tuesday in January! January’s already over?!

Movie Postmortem #5: Alien 3

by John S.  Movie Postmortem is a monthly series that reviews certain films which showed promise but misfired (critically and/or commercially) upon initial release. Join us in our attempt to find out exactly what the hell happened. (This… Read More

New Releases for January 24!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!

Defying Categorization: David Lynch’s THE STRAIGHT STORY

If there is one currently working director whose work has been most codified into a sort of brand, there is no question that it is David Lynch. Indeed, the term Lynchian, an epithet usually reserved for the most… Read More

Pacino + De Niro + One Last Score = L.A. Bromance

by John S. Scarecrow’s crosscut theme this month is “The Last Time.” When it comes to cinematic tropes, the two most common ones under this category are “One Last Party” and “One Last Score.” Examples of the former… Read More