New Releases for February 28!

It’s the last New Release Tuesday in February!

What Does It Mean To Be a Best Picture Oscar Nominee?

by Ryan Swen First things first: yes, the cultural bonanza known as the Academy Awards are by and large a fairly silly enterprise, more accustomed to a certain kind of back-patting than to even acknowledging the best films… Read More

New Releases for February 21!

It’s another Glorious New Release Tuesday!

CHOPPING MALL: Killer Robots vs. Crazy Teens (and Dick Miller)

by John S. Scarecrow’s “What a Character” Crosscut Theme for February explores Love. Specifically, cinema’s love for its Quirky Character Actors. You know who they are: those memorably vivid folks who show up as support in a whole… Read More

New Releases for February 14!

Happy Valentine’s New Release Day!