We’re Still Bringing in New Releases!

by Bryan Theiss Our primary mission at Scarecrow has always been to connect people with as many films as possible. But of course when people come to us looking for a particular film, they’d also like to get… Read More

Movies to Help Me Forget About All This

by Sage Cruser While a lot of people are watching Contagion and The Purge, I’m over here trying to lower my blood pressure and mentally escape right now. Over the past several weeks, I have at times ventured… Read More

The Seasoned Ticket #81

Robert Horton is a Scarecrow board member and a longtime film critic. He will be contributing a series of “critic’s notes” to the Scarecrow blog—a chance to highlight worthy films playing locally and connecting them to the riches… Read More

“Because You Were Home”: Home-Invasion Movies to Watch During Quarantine

by Emalie Soderback Now that almost everyone is staying indoors while COVID-19 barrels across the globe like a deadly, fun-sucking Taz from Looney Tunes, at least we have time to watch more movies. It’s been speculated that watching… Read More