Scarecrow Radio Episode 9

THIS WEEK ON SCARECROW RADIO: Ben and Darcy are joined by a friend of the show, Malakie, for a look back at our favorite watches of 2020!

New Releases for December 29!

This week you’ll find an outback noir, a mad Liam Neeson, borrowed and stolen treasures, the Marx Brothers in Casablanca, Holocaust survivors finding healing through music, and more.

Pushed Back Upon Myself: Nina Menkes’ Queen of Diamonds (1991)

by Sage Cruser Nina Menkes’ Queen of Diamonds (1991) is among the best films I’ve watched this year. At its conclusion, I’m left with a sensorial reeling unlike any I’ve experienced with other films. That’s something to at… Read More

Viva Physical Media Episode 7!

Happy Holidays! This episode is dedicated to some seasonal favorites, Emalie brings the terror with P2, and swoons over THE HOLIDAY. Kevin tries not to cry while talking about the THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL and the overwhelming emotions… Read More

New Releases for December 22!

Andrew Bujalski, Miranda July, gas-thieving and gaslighting, post-war love stories, exploitation and consequences of “the Devil’s weed,” Nic Cage and Tony Jaa in a martial arts movie, and more.