Scarecrow 2.1 Update

Welcome to the progress page for Scarecrow 2.1, the project to completely revamp our website and user experience to make it even easier for everyone to access our vast catalog of physical media. The Scarecrow Community came together and generously funded this project as part of the Scarecrow 2.1 Campaign (more details about that campaign and what we’re working to accomplish here). We are currently about 40% of the way through this ambitious project. Check back for regular updates, and thanks for your generous and continued support!


Phase 1:  Research, Discovery & Planning (15% of total) – COMPLETED

During discovery, Cast Iron Coding (CIC) worked closely with Scarecrow’s project team to learn about our business and the problems that this project will solve. Discovery began with our team sharing detailed information about our current systems with CIC through regular meetings and extended discussion. It also involved the CIC team making a trip up to Seattle for a site-visit.  As a result of their fact-finding, they provided us with a Project Plan that detailed how we could move forward.  This Plan was presented to and approved by Scarecrow’s Board of Directors.


Phase 2:  User Experience (UX) Design (15% of total) – COMPLETED

The goal of the user experience design phase is to articulate, with specificity, what our users’ experiences will be like when they interact with the product CIC is building. At this stage, it was primarily about the backend system and functionality and so involved several rounds of design review with our core project team as well as a number of other Scarecrow staff members. Since these designs function like an architect’s drawings, we devoted a considerable amount of time going over everything very carefully until we felt confident that they had a solid set of blueprints.


Phase 3:  Visual Design (20% of total) – ONGOING

In the visual design phase, we create a look and feel for the application. This phase is a little deceptive as it actually overlaps with other phases and began with a creative brief that we completed during Discovery.  We answered a series of questions that explored visual benchmarks, aesthetic preferences, broad product goals, and more. The answers to these questions are then be translated into a creative brief, which helps guides visual and aesthetic decisions through Phases 2 and 4.


Phase 4:  Development (40% of total) – UNDERWAY

Development is currently underway and will take the most time throughout the whole project.  It began with CIC’s development team taking the blueprints created in Phase 2 and building the underlying infrastructure for backend, frontend and website.  During this part of the project, the Scarecrow team is on call to answer any questions that arise.


Phase 5:  Content Entry & Migration (5% of total)

The Scarecrow and CIC teams will work closely together to migrate our existing data and content into the new platform.  This is a critical stage that will take the software’s framework and fully form it into something uniquely Scarecrow’s.


Phase 6:  Quality Assurance (5% of total)

CIC will engage in ongoing testing during development and will ensure that the end product is backed by strong unit tests as well as integration tests.  This is the phase where all of the Scarecrow staff and possibly even some of our members will “test drive” the new system so that we can determine what needs tweaking.

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