New Releases for August 31!

by Darcy Moynahan

New Release Tuesday! This week we’ve simply got too much new stuff. Classic Corman, vintage Euro-horror, Boss Babies, bikers, demons, endless Titanic documentaries, Lin-Manuel Miranda, DUNE in 4K, and that’s not even the half of it. 


12 MIGHTY ORPHANS tells the true story of the Mighty Mites, the football team of a Fort Worth orphanage who, during the Great Depression, went from playing without shoes or even a football to playing for the Texas state championships. Over the course of their winning season these underdogs and their resilient spirit became an inspiration to their city, state, and an entire nation in need of a rebound, even catching the attention of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The architect of their success was Rusty Russell, a legendary high school coach who shocked his colleagues by giving up a privileged position so he could teach and coach at an orphanage. Few knew Rusty’s secret: that he himself was an orphan. Recognizing that his scrawny players couldn’t beat the other teams with brawn, Rusty developed innovative strategies that would come to define modern football.


The nightmare of war is seen through the eyes of one of its most tragic casualties—a child soldier—in this harrowing vision of innocence lost from Cary Joji Fukunaga. Based on the acclaimed novel by Uzodinma Iweala, Beasts of No Nation unfolds in an unnamed, civil-war-torn West African country, where the young Agu (Abraham Attah, in a haunting debut performance) witnesses carnage in his village before falling captive to a band of rebel soldiers led by a ruthless commander (an explosive Idris Elba), who molds the boy into a hardened killer. Fukunaga’s relentlessly roving camera work and stunning visuals—realism so intensely visceral it borders on the surreal—immerse the viewer in a world of unimaginable horror without ever losing sight of the powerful human story at its center.

This director’s approved Criterion edition includes: new audio commentary featuring Fukunaga and first assistant director Jon Mallard; new documentary on the development and making of the film, featuring interviews with Fukunaga, author Uzodinma Iweala, actors Idris Elba and Abraham Attah, producers Amy Kaufman, Daniela Taplin Lundberg, and Riva Marker; new conversation between Fukunaga and film and television producer and cultural commentator Franklin Leonard; new interview with costume designer Jenny Eagan; and An essay by film critic Robert Daniels.


An African immigrant struggles to make a new life for himself in the big city in director/co-writer Burhan Qurbanis audacious, neon-lit reinterpretation of Alfred Dblins 1929 novel Berlin

Alexanderplatz (famously adapted by Reiner Werner Fassbinder in 1980). After surviving his perilous journey, Francis (Welket Bungu) vows to be a good man, but he soon realizes how difficult it is to be righteous while undocumented in Germanywithout papers, without a nationality, and without a work permit. When he receives an enticing offer for easy money from the psychopathic gangster Reinhold (Albrecht Schuch), Francis initially resists temptation, but eventually he is sucked into Berlin’s underworld and his life spirals out of control.


From one of the best-selling books of all time, Anna Sewell’s classic 1877 novel Black Beauty, comes two film adaptations that are making their home video debut: Black Beauty (1946) and Courage of Black Beauty (1957).

In Black Beauty, young Anne Wendon (Mona Freeman) receives a beautiful colt as a gift from her father—a horse she dubs “Black Beauty.” But when the maturing Anne falls for visiting American Bill Dixon (Richard Denning), who still views her as a “child”, the life and well-being of her beloved Beauty is put at risk due to her impetuous behavior.Directed by Max Nosseck (Dillinger), Black Beauty also features Evelyn Ankers, Charles Evans, J.M. Kerrigan, Moyna MacGill, Terry Kilburn, Arthur Space and Olaf Hytten.Courage of Black Beauty stars The Rifleman’s Johnny Crawford as Bobby Adams—a young boy who returns to live with his estranged father (John Bryant) after residing with his grandmother for many years. The transition is difficult—Bobby’s father is severe and overprotective—but he’s hoping the gift of a newborn colt will smooth out any potential bumps in Bobby’s homecoming. Directed by Harold D. Schuster and featuring Mimi Gibson, Diane Brewster, J. Pat O’Malley, Russell Johnson and Ziva Rodann.


The boss baby may be back, but Alec Baldwin isn’t! This series is a follow up to the 2017 film The Boss Baby which I still can’t believe is a real thing. The first season takes place between the first and second films, and involves another species of babies: kittens. The second season revolves around a bad guy named Turtleneck Superstar, but beyond that I cannot say as my eyes glazed over words in the synopsis like “CEO,” “Product,” and “Consortium.” The Boss Baby films were praised for their voice cast, but this series only retained one of the original voice actors. Anyways, this exists!


A small rural town and a family of outsiders, both trapped in the demonic grip of… The Brotherhood of Satan! Recently widowed Ben, his glamorous girlfriend Nicky and his small daughter K.T. are on a road trip across the Southwest, which comes to a screeching halt when they witness an accident. Heading to the nearby isolated desert town of Hillsboro to report it to the Sheriff (played by Jones), they are met with a hostile reaction from the locals, who are gripped by paranoia and fear due to a series of gruesome deaths, as well as the mysterious disappearance of eleven of the community’s children. As the bodies continue to pile up around them, Ben and his family find themselves joining the sheriff, a local priest and the town’s enigmatic physician Doc Duncan (Strother Martin, Cool Hand Luke) in the midst of a mystery that points towards a deadly satanic cult… Produced by Alvy Moore and L.Q. Jones, a veteran character actor best known for his work with Sam Peckinpah, The Brotherhood of Satan is an atmospheric and chilling tale of terror that provides a crucial missing link between Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and The Devil’s Rain (1975) in the cycle of turn-of-the-seventies shockers involving sinister devil-worshipping cults lurking within the dark shadows of modern-day America.


We here at Scarecrow love our man Paul Williams and will happily take any opportunity to stan him! I personally still haven’t watched this but you bet I know the music and will be renting this new blu-ray. Bugsy Malone is Alan Parker’s first feature and stars Scoot Baio as the titular character and Jodie Foster as a gun moll and Bugsy’s old flame. The film is a spoof of gangster films and is set in prohibition-era NYC with all the child actors playing adults. According to wikipedia Scott Baio had quit the film business prior to filming this because he “didn’t like driving into Manhattan.” The film was largely shot at Pinewood studios though, so I’m not sure what he was talking about. 

Scarecrow’s Mark has a radio show called Soundtrack Cinema and Mark just featured Paul Williams on the show. Check it out here!


From subversive Spanish writer/director Eloy de la Iglesia comes the international hit and DPP 39 ‘Video Nasty’ that remains among the most notorious and misunderstood shockers of the ’70s: When a slaughterhouse worker (Vicente Parra of NO ONE HEARD THE SCREAM) accidentally kills a man during a fight, it will trigger a desperate descent into madness, mass murder and “the most horrific use of a single apartment since Polanski’s REPULSION” (Mondo Digital). Emma Cohen (CUT-THROATS NINE) and Eusebio Poncela (LAW OF DESIRE) co-star in this “unforgettable mix of Euro arthouse and exploitive sleaze” (DVD Drive-In) – also known as THE APARTMENT ON THE 13th FLOOR and WEEK OF THE KILLER – now featuring both the International and extended Spanish Version newly scanned from the original negatives for the first time ever.


The Clockmaker of St. Paul is the debut feature of legendary director Bertrand Tavernier (A Sunday in the Country, Journeys Through French Cinema). Adapted from Georges Simenon’s novel The Watchmaker of Everton (1954), it stars Philippe Noiret (Cinema Paradiso) as the unassuming title character, a man who begins to reexamine his life when his son is wanted

for murder. Asked for help by the police inspector (Jean Rochefort, Man on the Train), he realizes how little he knew about his son, and begins to seek out the truth hidden behind his family’s walls. It’s a work of assurance and ease (New York Times) that was co-written by the famed duo of Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost (Forbidden Games).


Your Favorite Creeps Together Again! Four masters of the macabre star in this sinister and screamingly funny scare-fest! Waldo Trumbull (Vincent Price, The Raven) is running his father-in-laws (Boris Karloff, Black Sabbath) funeral home business… straight into the ground! Hounded by his landlord (Basil Rathbone, The Magic Sword), Trumbull and his assistant (Peter Lorre, Tales of Terror) devise a way to make death pay: by increasing their customer base through murder and burying the secrets of their success… body by body! Jacques Tourneur, the diabolical director of Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie, Out of the Past and War-Gods of the Deep, blended humor and horror for The Comedy of Terrors, written by Richard Matheson (The Last Man on Earth) and co-starring Joyce Jameson (The Apartment) with special guest star Joe E. Brown (Some Like It Hot).


A federal agent (Christopher George, Grizzly, Day of the Animals, Mortuary) helps six convicts escape from a chain gang in order to use them in his war on a moonshine ring, led by the sadistic Burl (Ralph Meeker, Kiss Me Deadly, Paths of Glory, The Naked Spur), Fabian (Thunder Alley), Larry Bishop (Angel Unchained, The Savage Seven), Tom Nardini (Self Defense, The Young Animals), Robert DoQui (Robocop, Guyana: Cult of the Damned), Joe Turkel (Blade Runner, The Shining), Ross Hagen (Armed Response, Alienator), Ron Rifkin (TVs Alias, Silent Running) and Leslie Parrish (Crash, The Manchurian Candidate) all star in this two-fisted brutal actioner. Now see it from a brand new HD master!


The Men Who Make the Music combines concert footage from DEVO’s 1978 tour with music videos and interstitials featuring a vague story about DEVO’s rocky relationship with “Big Entertainment.” As for the bonus program, Butch Devo and the Sundance Gig, Jerry Casale says, “In ’96, we closed Sundance Film Festival. We wore 20s style prison suits, we did a special show with really old, hardcore Devo songs from the early 70s, before we ever had a deal.”


A PLACE BEYOND YOUR DREAMS. A MOVIE BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION. Following a notorious aborted attempt by Alejandro Jodorowsky in the 1970s, Frank Herbert’s bestselling sci-fi epic Dune finally made it to the big screen as the third film by emerging surrealist wunderkind David Lynch, featuring an all-star cast that includes several of Lynch’s regular collaborators. The year is 10,191, and four planets are embroiled in a secret plot to wrest control of the Spice Melange, the most precious substance in the universe and found only on the planet Arrakis. A feud between two powerful dynasties, House Atreides and House Harkonnen, is manipulated from afar by ruling powers that conspire to keep their grip on the spice. As the two families clash on Arrakis, Duke Atreides’ son Paul (Kyle MacLachlan, in his screen debut) finds himself at the center of an intergalactic war and an ancient prophecy that could change the galaxy forever. Though it’s initial reception ensured that Lynch largely eschewed mainstream filmmaking for the rest of his career, Dune has since been rightly re-evaluated as one of the most startlingly original and visionary science fiction films of the 1980s. It’s astonishing production design and visual effects can now be appreciated anew in this spellbinding 4K restoration, accompanied by hours of comprehensive bonus features


This is the story of a child of his time…of an extremely talented and dynamic filmmaker named Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who dreams of making movies about the cold-hearted, archaic Federal German society and about the longing for respect and love of the outsiders – foreigners, underprivileged groups, small convicts. His fulminant rise to being one of the most important directors in Europe correlates with his mental and physical fall and his early death.


A spectacular German science fiction film in the tradition of Metropolis (1927) and Gold (1934), F.P. 1 Doesn’t Answer dramatizes the creation of a massive floating airport serving as a way station between four continents. Hans Albers (The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes) stars as Ellissen, a dashing pilot who helps persuade an heiress (Sybille Schmitz, Vampyr) to fund the visionary project. When communication with Floating Platform 1 is mysteriously interrupted, Ellissen risks his life to investigate its disappearance. Produced just as the Nazi government was taking control of the German film industry, F.P.1 was writer Kurt Siodmaks last film before emigrating to England and eventually America, where (as Curt Siodmak) he would write The Ape, The Wolf Man, Donovans Brain, and many other classic Hollywood horrors). It was also the last pre-war German film of Peter Lorre (M, The Maltese Falcon), who costars as a sly photojournalist. This special edition includes both the restored German-language version of F.P.1 Doesn’t Answer as well as the English-language version, Secrets of F.P.1, featuring Conrad Veidt (The Man Who Laughs).


THE GANG (1977): In 1945, as World War Two comes to a close, five small-time crooks unite to form a gang led by the charismatic Alain Delon. After several bold robberies they became notorious as the front-wheel drive gang. The police attempt to stop their crime spree with little success, but how long will their luck last? / THREE MEN TO KILL (1980): In this Gritty, violent and suspenseful thriller, Delon plays Gerfaut who comes to the aid of a man lying wounded in the road, not knowing the man has taken two bullets to the belly. Soon he becomes the target for the killers, who see him as a dangerous witness. But Gerfaut has been around the block a couple of times and he won’t be so easily eliminated.


When her best friend Danny ropes her into taking her spot at the Women’s Arm Wrestling Championship, nice girl baker Melanie must trade whisks for barbells as she trains to face off with the reigning champ for a chance at newfound badassery and the grand prize. 


The creator of Hamilton and the director of Crazy Rich Asians invite you to a cinematic event, where the streets are made of music and little dreams become big. Lights up on Washington Heights. The scent of a cafecito caliente hangs in the air just outside of the 181st Street subway stop, where a kaleidoscope of dreams rallies this vibrant and tight knit community. At the intersection of it all is the likeable, magnetic bodega owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), who saves every penny from his daily grind as he hopes, imagines and sings about a better life. In the Heights fuses Lin Manuel Miranda’s kinetic music and lyrics with director Jon M. Chus lively and authentic eye for storytelling to capture a world very much of its place, but universal in its experience.


An unknown killer has been stalking Northern California, picking up innocent young women in his van and then brutally torturing and murdering them, leaving their mutilated bodies in nearby woods. Sgt. Vince De Carlo has been assigned to the case but finds himself with almost nothing to go on, that is, until the murderer begins picking off teenage girls who frequent a local public pool. With the aid of psychologist Carol Thompson, De Carlo begins to devise a plan to lure the killer into the open…

More than slightly inspired by the then hot case of notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, Jeremy Hoenack’s KILLER’S DELIGHT (originally shot as THE SPORT KILLER and later re-released as THE DARK RIDE) is an intriguing mix of proto-slasher and detective drama which stars prolific TV actor James Luisi (The Rockford Files) alongside Golden Globe nominee Susan Sullivan (Falcon Crest), John Karlen (Dark Shadows), and genre film character actor, George ‘Buck’ Flower (Berserker). Vinegar Syndrome is proud to present this gritty true crime thriller on Blu-ray for the first time, newly restored in 4K from its original 35mm camera negative.


After a group of thieves decide to ransack the home of a strange, old Gypsy woman, murdering her in the process, they unwittingly free a vengeful genie named Jinn who has been held captive for centuries in an ancient oil lamp. Soon after, the lamp is acquired by a local museum. But as Alex Wallace, daughter of the museum’s curator, decides to sneak a group of her friends into the museum after hours for a night of partying, she doesn’t realize that Jinn is looking for a new ‘keeper’ and that Alex is the perfect vessel to carry out the genie’s diabolical actions…

Primed with an assortment of gruesome deaths and a very dark sense of humor, Tom Daley’s THE LAMP (aka THE OUTING) is a wild, Texas lensed, mid 80s supernatural horror gem. Starring Deborah Winters (Kotch), James Huston (Ray, Powder), and featuring the voice of cult actor Jackson Bostwick (TV’s Shazam, The Prey) as the voice of murderous genie, Jinn, Vinegar Syndrome is delighted to resurrect THE LAMP on Blu-ray, featuring a brand new 2K restoration and an extended making-of documentary featuring new interviews with its cast and crew, thus finally allowing the incredible story of its production to be told!


Screen legend Vincent Price (Tales of Terror, The Raven) gives a masterful performance in this post-apocalyptic sci-fi chiller, the first and most faithful adaptation of Richard Matheson’s classic novel I Am Legend. A plague envelops the earth, decimating the population and leaving one man still alive: scientist Robert Morgan (Price), who exhibits a strange immunity to the deadly disease. The rest of the earth’s people slowly turn into bloodsucking vampires and Morgan must use all of his knowledge to survive their onslaught. Directed by Sidney Salkow (Twice-Told Tales) and produced by Robert L. Lippert (The Earth Dies Screaming), this seminal classic influenced the creation of Night of the Living Dead plus countless imitations.


Embedding herself in the village of Wukan, southern China for several years starting in 2011, first time documentarian Jill Li witnessed an unprecedented experiment in local democracy. Corrupt officials had illegally sold villagers’ land, but the villagers decided to fight back. The documentary is divided into two halves: the first, ”Protests”, depicts the grassroots activities of Wukan residents as they work to reverse the land sales and gain a substantial measure of control over their local territory. We see how the villagers themselves learn to organize elections, form alliances, and win support. Part two, ”After Protests”, confronts the collapse of idealism as the newly elected village government finds itself mired in the same kind of corrupt dealings they had originally condemned. Li reveals the complexities of their triumphs and setbacks from the inside. Her astonishingly intimate, sympathetic and fair- minded access to the events’ major players reveals Chinese local politics with three-dimensional passion and energy.


Love Rites (Crmonie damour) is cult director Walerian Borowczyks (The Beast) subversively erotic final feature. He returns with a vengeance to a signature theme emasculation. Vain clothing buyer Hugo (Mathieu Carrire) meets beautiful Myriam (Marina Pierro) on the subway and pursues her, discovering to his delight that she’s a prostitute. The crafty Myriam, of course, has more in mind for their encounter than smug Hugo bargained for. Love Rites turns the sexual tables with perverse exactitude.


Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over is a deep dive into the life and work of the fearless musician and performer Lydia Lunch that echoes the urgent, aggressive, unapologetic attitude that Lunch inhabits. Lunch hit the late 1970s New York City downtown scene with the band Teenage Jesus And The Jerks, a central pillar of the No Wave music movement. Since then, she has forged paths in the underground film scene as a director, actor, lecturer and womens empowerment coach, feminist writer and spoken word performer. Directed by boundary-breaking filmmaker Beth B (Two Small Bodies), whose collaborations with Lunch span more than four decades, Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over presents the artist’s electric body of work with archival footage, vintage photographs and interviews with Lunch and longtime collaborators. Actively performing to expose the patriarchy, sexual abuse, cycle of violence, and corporate greed, Lunch continues to tirelessly bring her passionate artistry to the stageand now to the screen.


In 1848, a fanatical inventor seeks to fly around the world and stop war from his flying airship (the “Albatross”)…a cross between a zeppelin and a helicopter. Adapted from two Jules Verne novels– “Master of the World” and “The Conqueror.”


The wait is over! Season 14 of this Canadian drama series has finally arrived! Based on characters from Maureen Jennings’ Detective Murdoch, Murdoch Mysteries (formally Artful Detective) follows police detective William Murdoch in Ontario in the late 19th/early 20th century. Season 14 will be a shorter season with 11 episodes due to Covid, and takes place in the pre-covid time of 1908. Tune in for cliffhangers and drama galore! 


Based on a true story, this knockout drama stars Treat Williams as Danny Ciello, an essentially honest New York police officer serving in an elite anti-drug unit. When internal affairs goes light on him in exchange for information about corruption among his colleagues, he may be backed into a corner from where there’s no escape. Jerry Orbach, Bob Balaban, Lindsay Crouse, James Tolkan co-star; Sidney Lumet directs.


Restless oddball cowpokes Jack (Jeff Bridges) and Cecil (Sam Waterston) turned to cattle rustling just to get by, and they’d become a thorn in the side of Montana rancher Brown (Clifton James). It looks like the thievery will continue when the best Brown can do is send a crotchety stock detective (Slim Pickens) after them… but the last round-up might be coming. Frank Perry’s contemporary sagebrush comedy co-stars Elizabeth Ashley, Harry Dean Stanton; script by Thomas McGuane. 


The legendary Triumvirate of TerrorVincent Price (Scream and Scream Again), Peter Lorre (The Comedy of Terrors) and Boris Karloff (The Crimson Cult)star in this twisted tale of sorcery most fowl! Director Roger Corman (The Tomb of Ligeia) and screenwriter Richard Matheson (The Last Man on Earth) deliver a tongue-in-cheek take on Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poem. Dr. Craven (Price), the son of a great sorcerer (now dead), was once himself quite skilled at that profession, but has since abandoned it. One evening, a cowardly fool of a magician named Bedlo (Lorre) comes to Craven for help the evil Scarabus (Karloff) has turned him into a raven and he needs someone to change him back. He also tells the reluctant wizard that Cravens long-lost wife Lenore (Hazel Court, The Premature Burial), whom he loved greatly and thought dead, is living with the despised Scarabus. Featuring Jack Nicholson (Prizzi’s Honor) in an early screen role, this Corman-Poe classic about two wizards dueling for magical supremacy is utterly bewitching!


Conniving small-town waitress Jade Cochran (Claire Brennen) marries the wealthy owner (Bill McKinney) of a travelling carnival that features a freak show. When hubby is murdered by Jade’s Ferris wheel operator boyfriend, she inherits the carnival and has new plans for the sideshow… but the freaks have a plan for her. A liberal reworking of “Freaks,” this David F. Friedman production co-stars Lee Raymond, Lynn Courtney. 


With his grandmother’s passing, gentle special-needs teenager Bruno (Vincent Gasperitsch) was sent to live with his never-present mother in one of Paris’ seamier suburbs. Finding a friend in disruptive classmate Jean-Roger, he’ll be introduced to Jean-Roger’s no-less-dysfunctional family-and the youth gang lifestyle. 


Spirit Untamed is the next chapter in the beloved franchise full of adventure, family and friendship. Free-spirited Lucky Prescott moves to Miradero to join her estranged father. She is decidedly unimpressed with the sleepy town until she discovers a unique tie to her late mother, who was a fearless horse-riding stunt performer. She quickly forms a bond with a wild mustang named Spirit and makes two new pals who love horses as much as she does. When a heartless wrangler plans to capture Spirit and his herd, Lucky and her friends set off on an epic journey to rescue the horse who has given her an unbreakable connection to her mother’s legacy.


After finding a strange looking amulet, a young woman mysteriously vanishes. Her sister, Sandra, finding the police to be little help, turns to a rogue officer named Nick, who senses that something evil is afoot. However, the strange disappearance is only the beginning of a horrifying nightmare, as a Satanic sect, which worships the God Moloch, are determined to do anything in their power to retrieve the ancient amulet as a means of bringing their unholy master to life and ushering in Hell on Earth. It’s up to Nick and Tamara to face off against not only the murderous cult, but their monstrous deity.

A low budget, high ambition, Texas shot Satanic thriller, Gary Marcum’s THROUGH THE FIRE (which was released on VHS under the wildly misleading title of The Gates of Hell Part II) blends lo-fi special effects with a grimy, southern regional flavor. Starring Tom Campitelli (Dark Angel) and prolific character actor, John S. Davies (Robocop, Magnolia), Vinegar Syndrome brings this uniquely southern fried piece of 80s horror to Blu-ray, newly restored in 2K from its 35mm internegative. After finding a strange looking amulet, a young woman mysteriously vanishes. Her sister, Sandra, finding the police to be little help, turns to a rogue officer named Nick, who senses that something evil is afoot. However, the strange disappearance is only the beginning of a horrifying nightmare, as a Satanic sect, which worships the God Moloch, are determined to do anything in their power to retrieve the ancient amulet as a means of bringing their unholy master to life and ushering in Hell on Earth. It’s up to Nick and Tamara to face off against not only the murderous cult, but their monstrous deity.


Celebrated war photographer Avery Taggert (Zoë Bell, Death Proof) is on assignment in the Columbian jungle following a group of missionaries led by Guillermo (played by Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo) as they bring meds to the poor. But when Avery’s lens captures the leader conducting a cocaine deal and murdering a child witness, Guillermo tells his troops that Avery is a threat to locals and, and orders them to kill her. She now has to flee into the wild jungle and a relentlessly brutal chase begins!

This edition includes: Camino Behind the Scenes Part 1: ‘The Shoot’ (11:10); Camino Behind The Scenes Part 2: ‘The Fights’ (7:20); Camino Behind the Scenes Part 3: ‘Electro-Jungle-Western’ (9:15); Camino – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Promo (3:09)


THE BLACK DRAGON – When Tai-Lin discovers that the people he works for are involved in a crime syndicate that specializes in smuggling opium, he quits his job and joins forces with two fellow martial artists against the evil organization.

ENFORCER FROM DEATH ROW – A former ranger sits in prison awaiting his execution when an international organization frees him and assigns him to crush a deadly spy ring.


A trio of Chinese exchange students, Tzu (James Chen, “The Walking Dead”), Wa (Keong Sim, “Dead To Me”) and Chen (Leonardo Nam, The Fast and the Furious: Toyko Drift) arrive in New York City in 1980, eager for what America has to offer. They make friends including a literature teacher named Dexter (Ryan O’Nan, “Queen of the South”) and his girlfriend Suzanne (Gillian Jacobs, “Community”). But as they try to adjust to the New York City atmosphere, they become disillusioned with America, eventually buying a firearm for self-defense in this critically acclaimed film directed by Shimon Dotan (Diamond Dogs) based on the novel by Luke Whisnant.


Danny White (Nick Moran, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and his crew of wannabe gangsters find themselves pitted against the local mafia headed by Leigh and Hellman (Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano, The Matrix) when they accidentally kill a local businessman they were hired to kidnap. With nowhere else to turn, and bleeding from a fatal gunshot wound, Danny visits his estranged father Alan (John Hurt, Alien) looking for help. When Alan sees Danny’s condition he only has one thought: Danny may be the organ donor he’s been desperately searching for to save Danny’s mortally sick sister. But Danny is not prepared to die for nothing. There is a price to be paid, and a deal is struck between father and son. And so begins the most terrifying and bizarre night of their lives.


Yul Brynner (The Ten Commandments) plays Peter Marciani, a former hitman haunted by his brother’s murder. His old gang lures him out of retirement for one last job by revealing the identity of the killer – Gennaro Gallo, the capo of a rival mob. As Peter prepares for the kill, he comes to the grim realization that he’s been played for a fool. His former associates are the ones who killed his brother, to ensure he would take the hit on Gallo. Enraged, Peter vows to track down and execute each of his old “friends”…as painfully as possible. Includes Yul Brynner Smoking PSA!

Please note there are a few scenes in the film that are in Italian without English Subtitles. The majority of the film is in English


BLOODFIGHT: Bloodfight takes you back to the “arena of death”. Chang (Bolo Yeung – Jean Claude Van Damme’s final opponent in Bloodsport and Bruce lee’s nemesis in Enter The Dragon is the ruthless and unbeatable title holder of the World Free-Fighting Tournament. Kai (Yasuaki Kurata, Fist of Legend), an ex-champion believes different and trains a young student to capture the title. In the final match, Chang shows no sympathy for his young challenger and leaves him motionless in a pool of blood. Kai, outraged, challenges Chang to a one-on-one confrontation – a BLOODFIGHT that will leave only one man standing.

IRONHEART: Martial arts expert, John Keem (Britton K. Lee) is out for revenge, but he’s in for the fight of his life. His target is Milverstead (Richard Norton, Mad Max: Fury Road), the ruthless drug dealer that killed his best friend. But to succeed, he’s going to have to take on Ice (Bolo Yeung, Double Impact), Milverstead’s evil and deadly henchman. It’s non-stop action, a full-scale battle of wits and strength – in which only the most powerful will survive.


Anne De Carlo (Kim Delaney, NYPD Blue), a military research scientist, is working on a formula that will make human skin impervious to bullets. While experimenting with the formula, De Carlo injects it into a man who has been in cryogenic suspended animation for twenty years. What De Carlo doesn’t know is that before he was frozen, the man was contaminated with the blood of a werewolf, and now she’s created a bloodthirsty beast that can’t be stopped with a silver bullet!

Featuring an all-star cast that includes Barry Bostwick (Megaforce), Musetta Vander (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Carole Davis (If Looks Could Kill) and horror legend Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Jason X) as ”Metalbeast” in this unforgettable sci-fi / horror cult classic that ”sets out to entertain and it does that in spades” (Wicked Horror).


This #5 retro drive-in release from Dark Force Entertainment featuring two lost drive-in classics!

COP KILLERS: Jason Williams (Flesh Gordon) and William Osco (Night Patrol) star as two hippies on their way to a cocaine deal get stopped by the police at a roadblock, resulting in a shootout where they kill the cops. They then go on a crime spree of robbery and murder.

PROJECT: KILL: A former government assassin flees a mind-control program in the Philippines, pursued by his ex-partner, the local police and Asian gangsters.


THE LONERS: On his motorcycle Stein (Dean Stockwell), a half-blood Indian, tries to stay out of the hands of the police, who are chasing him for accidentally killing a cop. Together with his friend Alan (Todd Susman) and a beautiful but desperate girl (Patricia Stich), Stein will get involved in a robbery and more death. The police intensify the search, but the three won’t give up that easily.

DRAGON VS NEEDLES OF DEATH: A young man joins a kung-fu academy but fails to fit in. He soon runs off with the master’s daughter and becomes a salt smuggler. He ends up joining with the school’s top fighter – his former rival – against a local mob leader. Kung-Fu craziness abounds in this martial arts outing. The title needles are murderously effective projectiles shot from the wristbands of opponents, and only the most adept martial artists will be able to defeat the enemy.


A coming-of-age drama about writer/director Dito Montiel’s (Fighting) youth, the film captures the mid-1980’s in the toughest neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Dito (Academy Award Nominee* Robert Downey Jr., Avengers: Endgame) called home after 15 years because his father (Academy Award Nominee** Chazz Palminteri, Bullets Over Broadway) is ill, encounters old friends – the ones he lost, the ones he left behind, the ones he can’t help but remember. These are Dito’s saints. An honest account of a bittersweet return to a neighborhood where relationships can never be what they once were, Dito’s story is about to come to terms with a father’s rage and a father’s love.

Featuring an all-star cast that includes Academy Award Winner*** Dianne Wiest (The Birdcage), Shia LaBeouf (Transformers), Channing Tatum (Magic Mike), Rosario Dawson (Unstoppable), Melonie Diaz (Fruitvale Station) and Academy Award Nominee*** * Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight)in this “fresh and intense” (Los Angeles Times) Sundance Film Festival Award Winning (Best Ensemble, Best Director) film.


Adam Rapp’s (The Looming Tower) offbeat film about homecoming and reconciliation features an all-star cast, including Will Ferrell (Daddy’s Home), Zooey Deschanel (New Girl), four-time Academy Award® Nominee** Ed Harris (Westworld), Academy Award® Nominee*Amy Madigan (Field of Dreams), Dallas Roberts (Dallas Buyers Club), Michael Chernus (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Anthony Rapp (A Beautiful Mind), Sam Bottoms (Apocalypse Now) and Rachel Dratch (SNL).

When a book editor (Madigan) offers to buy the love letters of Reese Holden’s (Deschanel) parents, Reese must return home to recover them, only to find her widowed dad (Harris) golfing upstairs, sleeping outside, and living with roommates – a pretty grad student (Amelia Warner) and a quirky wanna-be musician (Ferrell)! As Reese begins to understand her roots, she learns to accept who she’s become.


Shane Tanner (Johnathon Schaech, That Thing You Do!), son of the legendary “cooler” Dalton, is an undercover DEA agent with all the right moves. He’s put away his share of dealers, but hasn’t made a big-time bust. When a deadly drug runner begins terrorizing his uncle Nate’s (Will Patton, Armageddon) bar in Louisiana, Shane leaves New York and heads south, determined to settle the score.

From drunken fistfights to all-out brawls, the Black Pelican is known for its rough and rowdy atmosphere. It’s also considered prime real estate for drug trafficking – and one local dealer, Wild Bill (Jake Busey, Starship Troopers), is determined to make this road house his personal office by any means necessary. But when Shane takes over the Pelican for his battered uncle, he’s about to find out that this local drug ring is bigger and deadlier than he ever imagined. With help from a gorgeous blonde (Ellen Hollman, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”) and backup from the DEA, Shane is out to make the biggest bust of his career and exact a lethal shot of revenge along the way.


Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) stars in this irresistible comedy about four best friends who embark on a zany, all-night scavenger hunt against their “popular girl” rivals! Bursting with hilarious hi-jinks, glorious girl-power and true-blue friendship, Sleepover is a high-spirited, high-stakes romp that’s “topped with sprinklings of Cinderella enchantment” (The Seattle Times)!

Featuring an all-star cast that includes Academy Award® Winner* Brie Larson (Room), Mika Boorem (Hearts in Atlantis), Jane Lynch (Glee), Sara Paxton (The Last House on the Left), Academy Award® Nominee* Steve Carell (The Office), Jeff Garlin (The Goldbergs), Evan Peters (X-Men: Apocalypse), Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween), Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Scoot McNairy (Argo), Sean Faris (Never Back Down), Hunter Parrish (Weeds) and Sam Huntington (Fanboys) in this hilarious “good-hearted tween comedy” (San Francisco Chronicle).


Billy Crystal (City Slickers) and Alan King (Casino) will keep you in stitches in director Henry Winkler’s heartwarming comedy about a feuding father and son who discover that love is a family trait. With a script by Crystal and Oscar® Winner Eric Roth (Forrest Gump), Memories of Me is “well written, well directed [and] smart and tender.” (Roger Ebert, ‘Siskel & Ebert’)

They say, like father, like son, but for Abe (King) and Abbie (Crystal) Polin, nothing could be further from the truth. Abe is the king of Hollywood extras. As an actor he’s an expert at being a face in the crowd. His son Abbie is a respected New York heart surgeon who’s always felt like a bit player in his father’s life. When Abbie suffers a mild heart attack, he decides it’s time to mend family ties…or break them altogether. So he heads out to Hollywood, where his efforts at reconciliation lead to hilarious consequences.


Michael J. Fox (Back To The Future) “couldn’t be better” (Los Angeles Times) as Jamie Conway, an aspiring writer who abandons the wheat fields of Kansas for the skyline of Manhattan – and the city’s seductive party subculture. Hitting the clubs night after night, Jamie soon spins out of control, and he risks losing everything – and everyone he loves. Co-starring Kiefer Sutherland (24), Phoebe Cates (Gremlins), Two-Time Academy Award® Winner Dianne Wiest (Hannah and Her Sisters, Bullets Over Broadway), Swoosie Kurtz (Overboard) and Kelly Lynch (Road House), and with its pulsating soundtrack from New Order, Depeche Mode and Prince, this “chronicle of wasted days and misplaced nights” (Roger Ebert) is a must-own!

This edition includes: Commentary with Author/Screenwriter Jay McInerney; Commentary with Cinematographer Gordon Willis; ‘Jay McInerney’s The Light Within’ featurette; ‘Big City Lights’ featurette; and a Photo Gallery.


The producers of the original Barbershop and director Kevin Rodney Sullivan (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) go back to Chicago’s favorite salon in this “sharp, savvy” (Entertainment Weekly) sequel starring Ice Cube (Ride Along 2), Cedric the Entertainer (Be Cool), Sean Patrick Thomas (Save The Last Dance), Eve (xXx), Troy Garity (Ballers), Michael Ealy (The Perfect Guy) along with Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live), Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee) and Queen Latifah (Chicago) that’s a “pleasing blend of humor, sentiment and commentary” (Los Angeles Times)! Barbershop owner Calvin (Ice Cube) finds his mom-and-pop business threatened when a glitzy, high-class hair salon opens across the street in this hilarious and heart-warming comic sequel.


Catherine (Brigitte Bardot), a young woman living in the countryside, is noticed by Judith (Micheline Presle) and Michel (Louis Jourdan), two lovers who run a famous fashion magazine. She becomes a model under the name of Chouchou and forms a couple with Patrice (Jean-François Calvé) for the needs of the magazine. Judith suddenly has the impression that Michel is not insensitive to Chouchou’s charms. Under the pretext of making a media stunt, she decides to organize the wedding of the false couple to monitor the reactions of each of the characters


“Le Dabe” retired many years ago and now he lives in the Tropics where he owns stables and horses. He is a very rich man. He was the king of all money counterfeiters. He is contacted from Paris to organize a new job. He says no. But when he finds out that the currency that should be counterfeited is the Holland Forint, he accepts immediately. He retired after having counterfeited 100 Forint notes just before Queen Wilhelmina retired them from circulation. He flies to Paris. But the gang is not to be trusted, at least not all of them.


When 11 young Parisian women mysteriously disappear, the police recruit Adrienne Charpentier, the friend of the latest victim, to investigate.  The only thing which seems to link the disappearances is that each of the victims replied to a small ad in the newspapers.  In answering a number of ads herself, Adrienne meets some suspicious individuals, but they all turn out to be innocent.  Then she meets a cabaret performer, Robert Fleury, who instantly falls in love with her. Soon after marrying Fleury, she discovers damning evidence that inoculated him as the murderer of the missing women…

“Pièges” is an excellent example of European film noir from the German-born director Robert Siodmak, made during his period of exile in France before the war.  The influence of director Fritz Lang can be seen through the film, which shows some strong similarities with Lang’s masterpiece “M.”


After being beaten and then abandoned by his father, Lucien is found amnesiac by Lucette, a young girl who escaped from a reformatory. Left to their own devices in an ill-fated city, the two children try as best they can to integrate into the miserable population of this slum in eastern Paris. Confronted with poverty, drugs and daily violence but united by a deep affection, Lucette and Lucien will try to build a new life. Black and white social drama, The Hell of the Angels explores the sad fate of abandoned childhood. One year after Les Disparus de Saint-Agil, Christian-Jaque virtuously portrays a population as miserable as they are endearing.


In Seville, Angel Caal, a Parisian businessman, escapes blindness after a car accident, thanks to the dedicated care of Mercédès, intended for the convent. They fall in love and Mercedes soon discovers the temptations of Paris


The everyday life and activity of ‘La Dernière Heure’, a major evening newspaper, seen through the eyes of Hélène Perrin, a cub reporter trained by Pierre Rabaud, a star in his field. Side by side they will investigate several events: an air show that ends tragically, the coming to France of a Hollywood actress, a lightship caught in a terrible storm…

OTAGES, LES (1939) (PAL) (DVD)

No less a literary luminary than Jean Anouilh was responsible for the dialogue exchanges in Les Otages (The Hostages). Set during WWI, the film takes place in a tiny French village, occupied by the Germans. When an enemy officer is killed, five villagers are taken hostage, sentenced to execution if the guilty party does not come forward. Through an incredible coincidence, one of the hostages is town mayor Charpin, who not only knows the killer’s identity, but is also an accessory after the fact. A rather abrupt deux ex machina provides the film with a happy ending, especially for young lovers Jean Paqui and Annie Vernay, whose forbidden rendezvous precipitated the killing in the first place.


The film starts by a visit to bucolic Normandy before the events. This peaceful atmosphere is shattered by Operation Overlord, minutely described in the second part of the documentary. The landing on D-Day and the ensuing battles and bombings martyr the peaceful area giving the earth thousands of body instead of seeds. In the last part, the dreadful aftermath of the steel storm is shown both with sympathy for the victims and hope for the future, since all these sacrifices, whether military or civilians, have not been in vain. This extraordinary documentary is a moving and elegiac account of the tragic effects on coastal Normandy of the D-Day landing and the ensuing battles. A great tribute to enormous sacrifices.


In her TV-movie debut, Jane Fonda stars as an illiterate Kentucky woman who uproots her children to follow her husband to Detroit during World War II, where he has found work as a mechanic, and tries to adjust to a new way of life by utilizing her natural talents as a wood carver. Susan Cooper and Hume Cronyn, who together wrote the Broadway play, “Foxfire,” in which Cronyn starred with his wife, Jessica Tandy, reunited to do the television adaptation of Harriette Arnow’s novel. Tandy initially was to have played the role of Fonda’s mother, but a previous film commitment caused her to give up the part to Geraldine Page. It was Emmy Award nominated as Outstanding Drama Special, Jane Fonda was nominated as Outstanding Actress, and the writing, costume design, and sound mixing also were nominated.


Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones leads an all-star cast in this psychological thriller based on the bestselling novel by James Lee Burke. While on an investigation into a series of grisly murders, veteran detective Dave Robicheaux (Jones) navigates his way through the Louisiana bayou and the dark, sultry world of New Orleans mobster “Baby Feet” Balboni (John Goodman). Layers of corruption and long-dead secrets reawaken grudges and a lethal alliance A tangled web of killings, past and present, converges in a shocking showdown with stakes that become deeply personal to Robicheaux and his family. Featuring music from five-time GRAMMY Award-winner Buddy Guy, this film takes you deep into Cajun country’s hidden worlds.


Available at Scarecrow for the first time! Filmmaker Terrence Malick examines the origins of the universe, the birth of stars and galaxies, the beginning of life on Earth and the evolution of diverse species.


You ever hear the one about the cop, the songbird, the psycho and the mafia princess? “Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” is a twisted tale told by Harley herself, as only Harley can tell it. When Gotham’s most nefariously narcissistic villain, Roman Sionis, and his zealous right-hand, Zsasz, put a target on a young girl named Cass, the city is turned upside down looking for her. Harley, Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya’s paths collide, and the unlikely foursome have no choice but to team up to take Roman down





A remarkable look into one of the nation’s most intriguing mysteries. Features interviews with key witnessess to the Watergate Scandal, including an exclusive interview with Bob Woodward who, after 30 years, reveals the identity of Deep Throat: William Mark Felt, FBI agent and administrator.



Feature Length Documentary – Volume 1 and Volume 2: Abraham Lincoln lead the nation through a tremendous upheaval; a time when our country was pulling apart at the seams. This intimate portrait of Abraham Lincoln, using authentic stills of the time, will hopefully bring you a little closer in understanding the complexities of our 16th president of the United States. 


Reported by NBC News Correspondent Tom Brokaw. Brokaw interviews American Soldiers on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda operatives. 


One of the most popular and respected presidents in the history of the United States of America, President Abraham Lincoln remains a mystery to even the most dedicated historians. In this documentary, the filmmakers at The History Channel unearth the transcriptions of Lincoln’s official biographer William Herndon in order to shed some much-needed light on the fallen-president’s mystery-shrouded past. Shortly after the president was assassinated, Herndon began conducting interviews with over 250 of Lincoln’s closest friends and family members in a quest that would ultimately stretch three decades. During that time, Herndon was able to gather a comprehensive view of the man who shaped America. Now, for the very first time, Herndon’s tireless research is revealed to the public in a film that aims to finally resole the mystery of Lincoln’s formative years.


It happened a century ago – the greatest vessel ever created, the RMS Titanic, sank to the bottom of the north Atlantic. Dead were 1500 people. Lost was the era’s greatest manifestation of man’s genius and hubris. Born was the legend and mystery of Titanic. Titanic 100th Anniversary Collection goes deep into the Titanic’s history – from it’s creation, through the disaster.



The story of the city where the great ship was built and the people who brought her to life. The film features Belfast residents who saw the ship launched in May 1911 and who were also there when she set sail on 2nd April 1912 less than two weeks before she perished on her maiden voyage to America. The definitive story of the building of this magnificent ship.


This collection brings together three DVDs about the Titanic; LAST MYSTERIES OF THE TITANIC, ANSWERS FROM THE ABYSS AND DEEP INSIDE THE TITANIC and ANATOMY OF A DISASTER AND UNTOLD STORIES. This release is the definitive Titanic collection for those who want to learn about the Titanic’s history.


Actress Susan Sarandon narrates this visually-provocative documentary based upon New York Times best-selling author Dan Burstein’s book “Secrets of the Code,” which takes a look at the controversy surrounding the best-selling book and blockbuster film “The Da Vinci Code.” Secrets of the Code is a sweeping exploration of some of the world’s greatest mysteries. This feature-length documentary includes interviews and commentary by renowned scholars, theologians, scientists and historians, including Timothy Freke, Richard Leigh, Sean Martin and Elaine Pagels. Burstein’s book – and now the film – explores the global obsession inspired by Dan Brown’s phenomenally successful novel The Da Vinci Code, the fastest selling adult novel in the history of publishing. Secrets of the Code film takes a provocative look at the controversy surrounding Brown’s novel examining the importance of religion in today’s world, and is a sweeping tour of the mysteries surrounding the ancient signs and symbols, the true identity of Mary Magdalene, Leonardo da Vinci, the Gnostic Gospels, the meaning of the search for the Holy Grail in history, the facts concerning the so-called secret societies including the Freemasons, Priory of Sion, Opus Dei and more! 



Separate the fact from the fiction of the controversial bestseller by Dan Brown. Questions the historical accuracy of theology, symbolism, and cults.


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