New Releases for October 20!


It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday!

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vidiots pic 2

by June Stoddard Chappe

I remember the first day I walked in the door
Of Vidiots, just down the block,
with David in our first months of courtship
He lit up, Took me on a tour
Showed me his favorite sections
Action movies, Film Noir, Spaghetti Westerns
We watched for hours, and… cuddled
Talking and analyzing each film

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SHRIEK Women of Horror: Silence of the Lambs

silence of the lambs

by Evan J Peterson

Tuesday will be the third night of SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film and Discussion Class, located in the Scarecrow Video screening room. This week, we’ll watch The Silence of the Lambs, a classic police procedural thriller with an amazing final girl—but is it a slasher film, or something else?
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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 5: Golgo A-Go-Go


It’s an all new Scarecrow Podcast!

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Jewels of the VIDEO FAN Collection (Richmond, VA)

video fan

by Andrew Blossom

When Kate Barr of Scarecrow Video invited me to contribute a column to Scarecrow’s celebration of Independent International Video Store Day, she suggested several possible topics. One of these was Jewels of the Video Fan Collection. This suggestion caused my mind to bump slightly sideways—not to the most precious stones, necessarily, but rather to films I’ve only seen because I work at my particular video store. Here’s a sampling. Without the Video Fan, these films would not exist for me. I hope you’ll seek them out at Scarecrow, or at whatever beloved video store is near you.
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