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It’s a crazy and scary time. Many are feeling the economic impact of recent events in tandem with the threats to health and wellness. We’ll all have to look out for each other and do our best to help where we can.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to support Scarecrow during this time, your tax-deductible charitable contribution will do a lot to keep us going. Our operational margins are consistently thin, and the ongoing pandemic contiues to threaten our sustainability. The generosity of the Scarecrow community has made the difference in the last few years and we can especially use your support now if you’re able. Your tax-deductible gift funds:

The preservation and growth of the Scarecrow library – it takes a lot to maintain a library of over 140,000 titles. One of our foremost goals is to archive a copy of every release. If something is released without content available in a previous version, we retain each iteration (that’s why we still offer VHS and laserdiscs with content unavailable elsewhere). And we grow the collection by 3,600+ titles a year. The staff and material resources needed to steward a collection of this size are significant.

Outreach programs that families and seniors rely on – In normal times, Scarecrow delivers films and gathering opportunities for older adults in 10 area senior and community centers through our Silver Screeners program, making the collection available to those who might otherwise be unable to access it. We also host a weekly Children’s Hour that provides fun and educational programs involving storytime, arts and science activities, and short films from the collection. When things get back to normal, we want to continue offering these (always free) programs. Your support makes that happen.

Ongoing projects that connect people with film – Suspending our in-person programming has encouraged us to seek innovative replacements. We’re especially proud of the digital version of Children’s Hour which recreates the in-store experience and allows more families to access it on their own schedules. Staffers Darcy and Ben have launched the Scarecrow Radio podcast which celebrates the collection and is chock full of things to add to your to-watch list. Similarly, Emalie, Kevin, and Rich have been producing Viva Physical Media episodes to share their enthusiasm for all of the great things that await your eyeballs here at Scarecrow. The virtual analogue of our Scarecrow Academy film discussion series, the Scarecrow Movie Club, a drive-in substitute for our Movies in the Park program, Scarecrow Recommends…all of these were funded through donor support. Your investment keeps them coming and allows us to develop more ways to connect people with film.

Your gift keeps this unparalleled collection available as a comprehensive archive of 125 years of cultural history. Over 10,000 people annually rely on Scarecrow and you have their and our thanks for your partnership in keeping this institution alive and thriving.

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