MOONRAKER: The Scarecrow Audio Commentary


In honor of the release of SPECTRE, the 24th cinematic James Bond adventure, Matt and Kevin have inadvisably produced this full-length scene-specific audio commentary for 1979’s MOONRAKER, widely considered one of the very worst Bond films ever made.


Except it isn’t, not even close (correct answer: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER). Made to cash in on the wild success of STAR WARS, MOONRAKER is a patently goofy cartoon aimed at kids and families, which doesn’t fit with most fans’ view of 007, especially in today’s climate of gritty realism and franchise continuity. But even though most Bond movies are campy to varying degrees, MOONRAKER takes that to extreme levels. This is one of the most absurdly silly spectacles of its time, bounding from one ridiculous sequence to the next. It’s also exceptionally well crafted, with special effects that slightly pre-date the analog technology invented and perfected by ILM (who were approached to do the FX but wanted too much money). We’re not trying to reclaim MOONRAKER as some hidden masterpiece, but we do think it’s underappreciated for what it is, a gloriously crazy collection of silly jokes, gorgeous location photography, and incredible sets, stunts, and special effects. Oh, and it has a giant astronaut space battle at the end, and if you can’t get behind that, there’s just no helping you.

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