New Releases for April 20!

It’s New Release Tuesday! This week we’ve got Bong Joon Ho’s breakout masterpiece on Criterion, a bunch of Universal Vault MOD titles, some vintage martial arts, a Carl T. Dreyer box set, the making of THE EXORCIST, a full compliment of trash cinema from the legendary Andy Milligan, and lots more.


Betty Hutton (as Annie Oakley) and Howard Keel (as Frank Butler) star in this sharpshootin funfest based on the 1,147-performance Broadway smash boasting Irving Berlins beloved score, including Doin What Comes Naturlly, I Got the Sun in the Morning and the anthemic Theres No Business Like Show Business. As produced by Arthur Freed, directed by George Sidney, and seen and heard in a digital transfer from restored elements, this lavish, spirited production showcases songs and performances with bulls-eye precision, earning an Oscar®* for adaptation scoring. The story is a brawling boy-meets-girl-meets-buckshot rivalry. But love finally triumphs when Annie proves that, yes, you can get a man with a gun! (BLU-RAY)


In a 1973 film that bares many similarities to Bruce Lee’s debut film The Big Boss, The Awaken Punch’s Henry Yu Yang plays an altruistic fighter who begins to build a name for himself as he violently cleans up a town from within its more seedier elements. But when he must abide by a promise to his dying father to give up his fighting ways, he will be faced with a new challenge in the arrival of the knife-throwing master Tien Feng (Fist of Fury) and his gang. With action from the legendary Yuen Woo-Ping (Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and a cameo from a young Jackie Chan and others, this basher is the epitome of the Punch and Block violence that began a long trend within Martial Arts cinema. USA aka title: Fury of the Black Belt. (DVD and BLU-RAY)


Alan Ladd and Donna Reed star in the intense drama Beyond Glory about a young cadet tortured by his past. Rocky Gilman (Ladd) is a guilt-ridden survivor of World War II who feels responsible for the death of his commanding officer during a battle in Tunisia. Looking for answers, he goes to visit the commander’s widow, Ann (Reed), and the two fall in love. Ann convinces Rocky to enlist at West Point and, during his enlistment, he is accused of bullying a cadet into leaving the school. His past transgressions finally come to haunt him while being put on trial for his actions. (DVD-R)


Body Beneath: A family of vampires takes over an estate known as Carfax Abbey. Since inbreeding is destroying the family line, they need new blood to keep the family going, so they set out to find new sources.

Nightbirds: While living rough on the streets of London’s East End, a young man, Dink encounters the mysterious Dee and they begin a relationship. When tenderness gives way to cruelty they become consumed by darkness. (BLU-RAY)


Brought to Los Angeles for treatment, a recovering junkie soon learns that the rehab center is not about helping people, but a cover for a multi-billion-dollar fraud operation that enlists addicts to recruit other addicts. (DVD)


The blazing eyes of Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) drive the title character of Brand, a clergyman who destroys his own life through inflexible rectitude. The tightly edited 1962 version of Hedda Gabler stars a magnetic Ingrid Bergman as the volatile heroine, fantastically paired with Michael Redgrave (The Importance of Being Earnest) as her mediocre husband and Ralph Richardson (The Fallen Idol) as their predatory family friend, his eyes glittering with lust for Hedda. (DVD)


Carnage: Carol and Jonathan, a newlywed couple, move into their new house which is haunted by the ghosts of another newlywed couple who commited suicide in the house three years earlier.

Blood: A werewolf married to Dracula’s daughter tries to survive in late 19th century Staten Island. (BLU-RAY)


Mr. Brian Stimpson ran his life—and everyone else’s—by the clock. Then one day at 2:09 and 43 seconds… the clock decided to strike back! Comedy legend John Cleese (A Fish Called Wanda, Monty Python and the Holy Grail) stars as the compulsively punctual headmaster of a British high school in this hilarious comedy hit written by Michael Frayn (Noises Off). On the day Stimpson is to give a major speech at a posh teacher’s conference, he finds himself in a frantic cross-country chase filled with missed trains, confused cops, strange monks, odd old ladies and stolen clothes. Can Stimpson make up for precious lost time or is the entire world conspiring to make him late for the most important appointment of his life? (BLU-RAY)


Chicago suffered the worst heat disaster in U.S history in 1995 when 739 residents―mostly elderly and black―died over the course of one week. As COOKED links the heat wave’s devastation back to the underlying manmade disaster of structural racism it delves deep into one of our nation’s biggest growth industries: disaster preparedness. Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Judith Helfand (Blue Vinyl, Everything’s Cool), uses her signature serious-yet-quirky, connect-the-dots style to forge inextricable links between extreme weather, extreme disparity, and the politics of “disaster”, daring to ask: What if a zip code was just a routing number and not a life-or-death sentence? COOKED reframes the narrative from a story about a devastating heat disaster to one about what happens when the long-term impacts of systemic inequality and racism meet climate change. (DVD)

CRISIS (2021)

Three worlds collide as a drug trafficker arranges a multi-cartel Fentanyl smuggling operation between Canada and the US. (DVD)


Day of Wrath: The young wife of an aging priest falls in love with his son amidst the horror of a merciless witch hunt in 17th century Denmark.

Ordet: Follows the lives of the Borgen family, as they deal with inner conflict, as well as religious conflict with each other, and the rest of the town. (BLU-RAY)


1970s USA. Three African American siblings on the run from police take refuge at a Tennessee Ranch, unaware it’s on the hunting grounds of a Ku Klux Klan cult. Trapped and tortured, they fight to escape and take down the bloodthirsty Klan. (DVD)

DEBUT, THE (1977)

The first full-length feature from pioneering filmmaker Nouchka van Brakel. Following the theme of Stanley Kubrick’s LOLITA and Michael Powell’s AGE OF CONSENT, only this time told from a female perspective, van Brakel’s THE DEBUT tells the delicate story of the impossible love between a teenage girl and a middle-aged married man. Based on the controversial novel by Hester Albach, thiss a subversive comedy-drama and the first commercially successful Dutch theatrical film directed by a woman. (DVD)

DRACULA (2020) (2 DISKS)

Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in season one of Dracula, a sexy, twisted and provocative take on Bram Stoker’s classic novel. Centuries after the Order of the Dragon cursed him with immortality and murdered his wife, Dracula (Rhys Meyers) arrives in Victorian London to wreak his revenge. Posing as an American industrialist who intends to bring modern science to England, Dracula sets out to destroy the sect, only to fall in love with a woman (Jessica De Gouw) who strongly resembles his dead wife, an obsession that threatens to thwart all his plans. (DVD-R)


Carl Theodor Dreyer is a young journalist in Copenhagen when he gets involved in the early Danish film industry. He writes scripts and inter-titles, and for some years he is the main editor at Nordisk Film. After those years of apprenticeship he gets the opportunity to direct his first film in 1917. Dreyer wanted his films to carry his personal imprints down to the smallest details, and already in his first silent movies it’s possible to find stylistic traits that characterize his entire film production until his last film in 1964.  (DVD)


This modernized adaptation of An Enemy of the People easily shows how hypocrisy and greed never go away–no stars here, just the sheer force of people acting out their worst instincts. And only someone heartless could remain unmoved by The Wild Duck, with a simple but devastating performance by Jenny Agutter (Logan’s Run) as a girl watching her family destroyed by an intruder’s idealism. (DVD)


Fleshpot: A streetwalker desperately seeks love and acceptance against the backdrop of NYC’s Times Square.

Seeds: An angry and alcoholic matriarch tyrannizes her spoiled, grown-up, children during an unwanted family get-together, where someone begins killing them one by one. (BLU-RAY)


Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Huston are at their fierce finest in master Hollywood craftsman Anthony Mann’s crackling western melodrama The Furies. In 1870s New Mexico Territory, megalomaniacal widowed ranch owner T. C. Jeffords (Huston, in his final role) butts heads with his firebrand of a daughter, Vance (Stanwyck), over her dowry, choice of husband, and, finally, ownership of the land itself. Sophisticated in its view of frontier settlement and ablaze with searing domestic drama, The Furies is an often-overlooked treasure of American filmmaking, boasting Oscar–nominated cinematography and vivid supporting turns from Judith Anderson, Wendell Corey, and Gilbert Roland. (BLU-RAY)


In the elegant world of artists and musicians, Gertrud ends her marriage to Gustav and takes a lover, the composer Erland Jansson. (BLU-RAY)


Three married couples are forced to spend the night in a Victorian-era house where they start getting killed off by a deranged psycho who’s bent on claiming an inheritance they are all entitled to. (BLU-RAY)

GHOSTS (1987)

Henrik Ibsen’s creepy tale of incest, adultery, and disease oozes Gothic claustrophobia. (DVD)


The 1934 version of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations was the first sound adaptation of the classic novel that finds the lives of childhood playmates in the hands of fate. Having raised and instilled in Estella (Jane Wyatt) the same level of anger and resentment toward men, Miss Havershim (Florence Reed) opposes any romantic union for Estella, especially with a man less privileged. Pip (Phillips Holmes) pines away for Estella but she has been taught well by her embittered mentor and rebukes him at every turn. When a mysterious benefactor (Henry Hull) comes along, Pip begins the transformation from a blacksmith’s son to society gentleman of “great expectations.” (DVD-R)


Guru: A deranged 15th Century prison colony chaplain exploits his power to get money for his church including murder and grave robbing committed by his vampire mistress and one-eyed hunchback assistant.

Man with Two Heads: Director Andy Milligan’s remake of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (BLU-RAY)


The tightly edited 1962 version of Hedda Gabler stars a magnetic Ingrid Bergman as the volatile heroine, fantastically paired with Michael Redgrave (The Importance of Being Earnest) as her mediocre husband and Ralph Richardson (The Fallen Idol) as their predatory family friend, his eyes glittering with lust for Hedda. (DVD)


Screen legends Claudette Colbert and Fredric March star in Honor Among Lovers, an intense romantic drama from trailblazing female director Dorothy Arzner. An office flirtation turns deadly when secretary Julia Traynor’s (Colbert) jealous husband Philip Craig (Monroe Owsley) questions the nature of her relationship with her former boss Jerry Stafford (March). This Pre-Code Hollywood classic features a star-studded supporting cast including Ginger Rogers, Charles Ruggles and Pat O’Brien. (DVD-R)


A Korean War vet falls in love with and marries a Japanesse nurse and brings her home to California, where he finds that his neighbors as well as his own family still harbor racist sentiments.  (DVD-R)


Dorothy Lamour and Ray Milland star in The Jungle Princess, a thrilling romance about a love that could not be tamed. While on a hunting expedition in Malaysia, Christopher Powell (Milland) is attacked by the pet tiger of the beautiful and mysterious Ulah (Lamour). As Ulah nurses him back to health, Christopher discovers a fierce romance unlike anything he has ever known. (DVD)


It’s 1834. Texas is being strangled by the tyrannical military rule of General Santa Anna (J. Carrol Naish, Canadian Pacific), Mexico’s power-mad president. When frontier hero Jim Bowie (Sterling Hayden, Naked Alibi) returns to his besieged homeland, he finds the embittered Texans plotting rebellion against his old friend Santa Anna. When Santa Anna’s cruel grip tightens around his fellow Texans, Bowie soon realizes he must side against the Mexican despot. Commanding a ragtag regiment of frontier fighters, Bowie prepares to make a final stand at the famed Fort Alamo against superior forces. Though they are all doomed to die, the outnumbered Texan defenders fight heroically for freedom in one of the fiercest and bloodiest battles in American history.  (BLU-RAY)


Profile of D.H. Lawrence, author of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, ‘Sons and Lovers’, and many other classic novels. (DVD)


A complete dissection and sweeping examination of the award-winning genre classic The Exorcist. Explore the uncharted depths of William Friedkin’s mind’s eye, the nuances of his filmmaking process, and the mysteries of faith and fate that helped shape his life and filmography, as told by the man himself. (BLU-RAY)


Horror movie about three wicked sisters and their equally unsavory husbands who all arrive at a remote inn where they mean to attend the reading of their uncle’s will. One by one, the heirs are dispatched by an unknown killer. (BLU-RAY)


Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) and Diana Rigg (The Avengers) claw at each other as they suffocate in their unhappy marriage.  (DVD)


When justice requires drastic measures… he’s the man for the Job! Screen legend Robert Mitchum (The Wonderful Country) fights to win back the love of a fiery and beautiful woman (Jan Sterling, The High and the Mighty) while he’s gunning down outlaws in this hard-hitting western classic. When Clint Tollinger (Mitchum) rides into Sheridan City, the only thing he’s looking for is Nelly Bain (Sterling). But what he finds is a town in trouble! A gang of murderous gunmen is driving farmers off their land in a brutal attempt to gain control of the city. Frightened and helpless, the citizens hire Tollinger, a notorious “town-tamer”, to help them. The strong supporting cast includes Henry Hull (Werewolf of London), Ted de Corsia (The Killing), Claude Akins (Comanche Station) and Angie Dickinson (Young Billy Young). Top-notch cinematography by Lee Garmes (Duel in the Sun) and a rousing score by Alex North (Spartacus) – directed by Richard Wilson (Invitation to a Gunfighter). (BLU-RAY)


Two different versions of The Master Builder, with the arrogant architect played in 1958 by Donald Wolfit, then in 1988 by Leo McKern. (DVD)


When a man becomes tyrannical towards his family, the women of the house decide to teach him a lesson in gratitude. (BLU-RAY)


In his breakthrough second feature, Bong Joon Ho explodes the conventions of the policier with thrillingly subversive, genre-defying results. Based on the true story of a string of serial killings that rocked a rural community in the 1980s, Memories of Murder stars New Korean Cinema icon Song Kang Ho as the local officer who reluctantly joins forces with a seasoned Seoul detective (Kim Sang Kyung) to investigate the crimes—leading each man on a wrenching, yearslong odyssey of failure and frustration that will drive him to the existential edge. Combining a gripping procedural with a vivid social portrait of the everyday absurdity of life under military rule, Bong fashions a haunting journey into ever-deepening darkness that begins as a black-comic satire and ends as a soul-shattering encounter with the abyss. (DVD and BLU-RAY)


Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who was entombed on Earth millions of years ago after a failed attempt to destroy the universe. They nickname the evil creature Psycho Goreman (or PG for short) and use the magical amulet they discovered to force him to obey their childish whims. It isn’t long before PG’s reappearance draws the attention of intergalactic friends and foes from across the cosmos, and a rogues’ gallery of alien combatants converges in small-town suburbia to battle for the fate of the galaxy. (DVD)


Singing sensation Deanna Durbin stars in the musical comedy Nice Girl? Scientist Oliver Dana (Robert Benchley) has his hands full with three very different daughters. Fortunately, he can always rely on his steadfast Jane (Durbin) to stay out of trouble…until now. Annoyed with her boring reputation, Jane decides to change her image. First, she snubs her lackadaisical, small-town boyfriend (Robert Stack) and begins flirting with her father’s world-traveling associate, Don Webb (Franchot Tone). Then she carries out an elaborate scheme that eventually has her spending the night at Don’s New York home. What follows is a hilarious series of misunderstandings that sends the novice femme fatale heading for home – but not before neighbors spot her driving through town in bright red pajamas! (DVD-R)

PHANTOM (1922)

In this beautifully restored version of the 1922 classic, Lorenz Lubota is a man obstructed by his somewhat lowly class in life. He is obsessed with attaining great power and wealth and a young woman he sees in a chariot who becomes an instant object of his desire.  (BD-R)


Screen legend Claudette Colbert stars alongside Charles Boyer, Joan Bennett and Joel McCrea in Private Worlds, a hard-hitting drama that examines the triumph and anguish of work in a mental institution. Idealistic psychiatrist Dr. Jane Everest (Colbert) is stymied by the sexist attitudes of Dr. Charles Monet (Boyer), her new boss at the Brentwood Hospital. As the two doctors gradually put aside their differences and work together to improve the lives of their patients, they soon discover a connection far deeper than professional admiration. (DVD)


An early take on the legend of martial artist Fong Sai-Yuk (later to be portrayed by the likes of Jet Li and Alexander Fu-Sheng), here played by Mang Fei. Once Fong Inadvertently kills a student of the rival school run by Iron Hand Tan (Kurata Yasuaki), this action leads to a series of near death confrontations between the men concluding in a tournament battle of the ages. Choreographed by Shaw Brothers’ Lau Kar-Wing (the brother of the great Gordon Liu and Lau Kar-Leung) this film represents the brawling style of the time as well as the genesis of the more stylistic Shapes trend of martial arts action that would soon follow. (DVD and BLU-RAY)


The daughter in a family of werewolves decides to put an end to the family curse. (BLU-RAY)


Aging theatre director Turner Horatio Longfellow (Bruce Greenwood) is facing bankruptcy. In an effort to save his failing theatre company, Turner casts a big Hollywood action star in his next production to guarantee an audience for the play. Turner and star Blaise Remington (Dean Geyer) clash throughout the rehearsals. (DVD)


An erotic tale of forbidden love! Sexy Demi Moore (Disclosure, Indecent Proposal) heats up this powerfully sensual story of illicit love. In a time when adultery is punishable by death, Hester Prynne (Moore) becomes involved in a risky and scandalous affair with her town’s handsome minister (Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy). But when their secret passion results in a child, Hester is confronted with the town’s overwhelming scorn… and is condemned to forever wear the scarlet letter “A” as a public brand of shame. A proactive retelling of the classic tale of forbidden love, The Scarlet Letter combines a sizzling story with exciting stars and delivers must-see entertainment. Directed by Roland Joffé (The Mission, The Killing Fields) with a screenplay by Douglas Day Stewart (An Officer and a Gentleman), based on a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne (The House of the Seven Gables). The stellar cast includes Robert Duvall (True Confessions), Joan Plowright (Enchanted April), Edward Hardwicke (The Return of Sherlock Holmes) and Robert Prosky (The Chamber). (BLU-RAY)


Hollywood legend Bing Crosby stars along with Miriam Hopkins and Edward J. Nugent in She Loves Me Not, an uproarious comedy jam-packed with laughter and hit songs. After witnessing a mob hit, showgirl Curly Flagg (Hopkins) hides out in the one place she knows the gangsters will never find her: the boys’ dorm at Princeton University. As she adjusts to life as a “college boy” under the guidance of students Paul (Crosby) and Buzz (Nugent), Curly quickly learns that life was much simpler when she was just running from the mob! (DVD-R)


If London University’s team of forensic pathologists didn’t investigate human remains, you might bemoan the unfortunate allergic reaction that killed a wealthy businessman. The abused baby who was smothered to death. The woman whose husband cut off her fingertips after he killed her. But when Nikki, Leo and forensic scientist Jack Hodgson examine the deadly evidence, you may change your mind about natural and unnatural causes. Is Nikki’s new lover a construction guru or a crook? What murderous secrets will a soldier’s remains unlock in Afghanistan? Find out in five two-part episodes of this thrilling, long-running British crime drama. (DVD-R)


Jack travels to Amsterdam to track down his estranged father, but when he discovers his father’s local coffee shop is on the rocks, father & son must band together to save the joint! The two men embark upon a magical journey as they experience the highs and lows that Amsterdam has to offer. Amidst the madness Jack unearths a potent secret weapon to get the family business smokin’ again. (DVD)


A group of people attempting to communicate with the underworld, find themselves in the presence of three spirits, a father, a mother and a child. One by one, the group members are possessed by the spirits, revealing horrifying secrets from the past. Trapped and under attack from these violent entities, only one member of the group may hold the key to exorcising the spirits out of the mansion for good. (DVD)


Part psychological horror, part realist drama, this exhilarating debut feature from Shatara Michelle Ford is set against the backdrop of national discussions around inequitable health care and policing, the #metoo movement, and race in America. Test Pattern follows an interracial couple whose relationship is put to the test after a Black woman is sexually assaulted and her white boyfriend drives her from hospital to hospital in search of a rape kit. Their story reveals the systemic injustices and social conditioning women face when navigating sex and consent within the American patriarchy. (DVD)


Torture Dungeon: In Medieval England, a sadistic duke plots to kill off all the heirs to the throne of England so he can claim the title crown for himself.

Bloodthirsty Butchers: A murderous barber and his equally psychopathic friend, a baker, hatch a plan to murder and make human pies to be sold in his shop. (BLU-RAY)


Alternative music’s revolution, its meteoric rise to mainstream dominance in the wake of Nirvana, and the raw talent that made it big. (DVD-R)


Nine-year-old Daniel lives in a town outside of Nashville. Daniel sees his sister sneak out the door and follows to a dark, secluded spot in the woods, where she is killed. Fifteen years later, Daniel lives at home with his mom and teen brother Aaron. The killer has never been caught. Struggling to find his path in life, Daniel works at a local auto shop and dreams of enlisting in the Marines like his father. But he has a criminal record and would need a rarely granted waiver. Cassie is an 18-year-old who has had her fill of high school. An only child, she is particularly close to her father, an English teacher at her school. When Cassie takes her car in for an oil change and meets Daniel there’s instant chemistry. Devastated to discover her father may not be the man she thought he was, Cassie reaches out to Daniel and a tender romance blossoms. But when deeply buried secrets of their small town are revealed, violent events of the past threaten to tear the couple apart. (DVD-R)

WAR IS OVER (2020) (3 DISKS)

The War Is Over begins just as Nazi occupation in Italy has ended, during the months when Jewish children and teenagers returned home from concentration camps to find… no family waiting. A few courageous souls help them adjust in an impromptu place with no resources, against the background of an Italy that is exhausted, miserable and reduced to ruins. Michele Riondino (The Young Montalbano) plays the guilt-ridden Resistance soldier searching for his wife and son who were taken to the camps while he was away. When he sees the plight of the orphans, he joins up with Giulia, the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, in her efforts to house them on an abandoned estate. Other helpers include a pediatrician and a former officer from the Jewish Brigade who wants to resettle the young people in Palestine. The children all have harrowing stories: there’s Miriam, who once played the piano but doesn’t remember how, Sara who hates the country that created racial laws and destroyed her family and little Giovanni who cannot speak because of the atrocities he saw. Slowly, they emerge from their horrors and rediscover what it’s like to play, study and love again. Based on real events chronicled by Aharon Megged in “The Story of the Selvino Childrren: Journey to the Promised Land,” The War is Over presents the triumphant story of war survivors finding the resilience to rebuild their lives. (DVD)


Having fled to Mexico many years before for killing his father’s murderer, Martin Brady (Robert Mitchum, Man with the Gun) travels to Texas to broker an arms deal for his Mexican boss and Governor Castro (Pedro Armendariz, 3 Godfathers). Brady has an accident and the gun shipment he was returning to Mexico is stolen, complicating matters further is the wife (Julie London, Man of the West) of local army major Colton (Gary Merrill, All About Eve) who has designs on Brady and a local Texas Ranger captain (Albert Dekker, The Wild Bunch) who offers Brady a chance to join his outfit. But after killing a man in self-defense, Brady slips back over the border and is confronted by Castro who s unhappy that Brady has lost his guns, but may also join forces with Colton to battle the Apache Indians. Robert Parrish (A Town Called Hell) directed this action-packed western featuring a supporting cast that includes Jack Oakie, Charles McGraw, Anthony Caruso, John Banner, Mike Kellin and Baseball Legend Leroy Satchel Paige. (BLU-RAY)


Worzel Gummidge (Jon Pertwee) is a walking, talking scarecrow that lives on Scatterbrook Farm, where he stands in Ten Acre field. He was made by The Crowman and he is able to convince other people that he is human. Worzel has a collection of different heads for his different moods and he lives with his Aunt Sally (Una Stubbs), a giant doll , also able to pass as a real person. Worzel befriended children John and Susan Peters who came to stay during the holidays on the Braithwaites fram. Worzel lands John and Susan in trouble when he is being mischievous, as he goes into a sulk and becomes a normal lifeless scarecrow. This lead others to blame the two children for all the trouble Worzel causes. Worzel Gummidge originally appeared in a series of books by Barbara Euphan Todd. The series ran for 4 seasons on ITV bteween 1979 and 1981 and immediatley became a cult classic (DVD)


Big dreams, a shared passion—on the ice, they call it love.

After suffering a humiliating loss at the Grand Prix Final, Japan’s number one skater, Yuri Katsuki, is ready to hang up his skates for good. Taking time off from competition, he re-evaluates himself and his passion, only to return home with no medals, zero confidence, and no reason to return to the ice. That is, until Victor Nikiforov, his idol and five-time gold medal champion, appears with a surprising offer—he wants to be Yuri’s new coach! But this news isn’t sitting well with others in the skating world, and Yuri must push himself to prove that he’s worthy of Victor’s attention—starting by facing Russia’s rising star, Yuri Plisetsky. With new routines, the aid of his family and friends, and Victor’s undying support, Yuri will discover more about himself and his feelings within. With Victor close by his side, Yuri will find the true meaning of victory! (DVD and BLU-RAY)

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