New Releases for December 29!

This week you’ll find an outback noir, a mad Liam Neeson, borrowed and stolen treasures, the Marx Brothers in Casablanca, Holocaust survivors finding healing through music, and more.


In an attempt to keep their sexualities a secret, two gay friends decide to feign being in a straight relationship with each other until they’re done with high school. From Irish writer-director David Freyne.




A tangled web of corruption is waiting for a detective who arrives in Goldstone, Australia in search of a missing person. The Guardian’s Luke Buckmaster calls it a “hugely ambitious genre hybrid – a classic Australian film and a masterpiece of outback noir.”




There’s no denying that watching Liam Neeson seek out the individuals foolish enough to double-cross him is incredibly entertaining. In Honest Thief, those fools are greedy FBI agents, and Neeson plays an ex-robber who’s trying to turn over a new leaf after meeting a woman he wants to spend his life with.

(DVD and Blu-ray)



Richard Jenkins and Shane Paul McGhie star in this moving comedy-drama about a relationship of learning between a retiring fast food employee and the new hire he’s tasked with training.




A fun and audacious New Zealand dark comedy about two clumsy criminals involved in the world of underground crime who get themselves into one messy situation after the next. Directed by Paul Murphy.



MUTINY (1952) 

“Epic treachery sweeps the seven seas!” It’s the War of 1812 and the U.S. is in need of gold, so they ask the French for help. The French agree to loan them a lot of bullion, but it all needs to get back to America somehow… That’s where Captain James Marshall (Mark Stevens) comes in. Can he overcome the odds and fulfill his mission when he’s got a mutinous crew? New 4K restoration from the 35mm film negative.




In postwar Casablanca, a Nazi war criminal (Sig Ruman) is trying to get his hands on the stolen art pieces he stashed in Hotel Casablanca. He has already murdered three managers in his attempts to take control of the hotel, but a new unwitting manager (Grouch Marx) and his friends (Chico and Harpo Marx) throw a wrench in things. While not the most well-known or critically well-received work from the Marx Brothers, A Night in Casablanca still deserves appreciation.




A heartwarming and impactful documentary about two Holocaust survivors who start a band together to share their stories of life, remembrance, and celebration. A beautiful example of the healing powers of music.




A reminder that a reunion with people from high school who you haven’t seen in a long time is probably a horrible idea. You’re camping in the woods, partying away, then suddenly things aren’t ok anymore because you wake up with timed bombs strapped to your chests. Turns out killing each other buys more time.




A young boy isn’t happy about his grandpa taking over his room, and he’s willing to go to war over it. This family-fun ensemble movie includes Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and Uma Thurman.

(DVD and Blu-ray)

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