New Releases for January 31!

It’s the last New Release Tuesday in January! January’s already over?!

BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)


The coolest thing out this week is definitely Synapse’s twin release of a couple of vintage, homegrown Brazilian horror films from the 1960’s. Jose Mojica Marins, aka “Coffin Joe”, made the first horror movies in his country, AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL (@) and its sequel THIS NIGHT I’LL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE (@). These are bizarre, hallucinatory, violent, gorgeous, and deeply personal, idiosyncratic works. Any fan of cult cinema has simply got to check them out.


As for the rest, don’t forget to check out the following. Jim Jarmusch covers Iggy and the Stooges in GIMME DANGER (@). Let him get that for you again in JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK (BLU). Heist comedy MASTERMINDS (BLU). A tawdry double feature from Vinegar Syndrome with BLOOD MANIA / POINT OF TERROR (@ BLU), as well as the ultra-sleazy DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE (@ BLU). They’re back and then they’re back again in POLTERGEIST II (@ BLU) and POLTERGEIST III (@ BLU). Disney re-releases PINOCCHIO (@ BLU). Ken Russell does Bram Stoker in LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM (@ BLU). Mom and Dad are cannibals in PARENTS (@ BLU). QUEEN OF KATWE (BLU) is the true story of a young Ugandan chess champion. And get ready for some gnarly Nazploitation with LOVE CAMP 7 (@ BLU).

Here’s the full rental list:


At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul (1964) @ 

Blood Mania / Point of Terror (1971) @ BLU

Closet Monster (2015)

Delta Fox (1979)

Hangman: Shepherds and Butchers (2016)

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) BLU

Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume 1 (2008)

Love Camp 7 (1969) @ BLU

Maidan (2014)

Masterminds (2016) BLU

Mountain (2015)

Queen of Katwe (2016) BLU

This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (1967) @

When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism (2013)

Who Bombed Judi Bari (2012)



Actress (2014)

Antarctica: Ice and Sky (2015)

Barbarians Rising (2016)

Because I Was a Painter (2013)

Dancer (2016)

Gimme Danger (2016) @ 

Muybridge, Edweard: Zoopraxographer (1975)

Red Hollywood (1996)



Lair of the White Worm (1988) (Collector’s Series) @ BLU

Parents (1989) (Collector’s Series) @ BLU


That’ll do it for this week! We’ll be back Next Tuesday!




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