New Releases for May 15!

It’s another glorious New Release Tuesday!

BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)


This week it’s finally time for a trip to Wakanda. BLACK PANTHER (@ BLU) is here!


Check out the big board to see what’s in for sale this week.


Here’s the full rental list:


10X10 (2018)

American Valhalla (2017)

Black Panther (2018) @ BLU

Duck Butter (2018)

Forgiven (2017)

Gook (2017)

Honor List (2018)

How Do I Love Thee (1970)

In the Radiant City (2016)

Lady Takes a Chance (1943)

Little Women (1970) (Complete Miniseries)

Mastermind (1976)

Monkey King 3 (2018) BLU

Once Upon a Time in China & America (1997)

Other Side of Hope (2017) (Criterion Collection) @ BLU

Police Story 3: Supercop (1992) (Uncut)

Pyromaniac’s Love Story (1995)

Return of Swamp Thing (1989) (Collector’s Ed) BLU

Rick and Morty: Season 3 @ BLU

Sacrifice (1986) (4k Restoration) @ BLU

Signature Move (2017)

Submergence (2017) BLU

Violence Movie 1 & 2 (1988) (Special Ed)


That’ll do it for this week! We’ll see you next Tuesday!


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