New Releases for September 22!


It’s time once again for New Release Tuesday!

BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)


First up, the Heroes at the Criterion Collection have bestowed yet another Wes Anderson jewelbox on us. This time it’s his 2012 instant classic MOONRISE KINGDOM (@ BLU). This one might be the fullest version yet of Anderson’s melancholy sensibility and diorama style. It’s one of Scarecrow’s favorites, so make sure you grab it.


Then, the geniuses at Arrow have a delicious dish in store, Tobe Hooper’s EATEN ALIVE (@ BLU). Sounds like a cannibal movie, actually about a guy who feeds people to his pet alligator!


As for the rest, don’t forget to check out the following: Two more from Criterion, both Bruce Beresford films: MISTER JOHNSON (@ BLU) and BREAKER MORANT (@ BLU). The Bellas are back in PITCH PERFECT 2 (@ BLU). Ultra-rare 1971 Dennis Hopper documentary THE AMERICAN DREAMER (@ BLU) is now readily available. Polish phantasmagoria THE HOURGLASS SANATORIUM (@ BLU). THE SATAN BUG (@ BLU) is not for germophobes. The landlord should’ve mentioned the apartment was a doorway to Hell in THE SENTINEL (@ BLU). TURKEY SHOOT (@ BLU) is an Ozploitation MOST DANGEROUS GAME. The 1935 Joseph von Stenrberg CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (@) is finally available on DVD. Elliott Gould and Robert Blake are lowlife buddy cops in BUSTING (@ BLU). And don’t forget about Season 2 of the insane anime SPACE DANDY (@ BLU).


Here’s the full rental list:


Big Sky (2015)

Breaker Morant (1979) (Criterion Collection) @ BLU

Eaten Alive (1977) @ BLU

Farewell Party (2014)

Heart Machine (2014)

Mister Johnson (1990) (Criterion Collection) @ BLU

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) (Criterion Collection) @ BLU

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) @ BLU

Results (2015)

Turkey Shoot (1981) @ BLU

Turning (2013)

breakermorant misterjohnson pitchperfect results



Busting (1973) @ BLU

Dog Day Afternoon (1975) (40th Anniversary) @ BLU

Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) @ BLU

Satan Bug (1964) @ BLU

Sentinel (1976) @ BLU

busting hourglass satanbug sentinel



Space Dandy: Season 2 @ BLU

Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1 BLU

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard



American Dreamer (1971) @ BLU

Entertaining the Troops (1994)

Frontline: Growing Up Trans (2015)

Lee, Harper: From Mockingbird to Watchman (2015)

Great Museum (2014)

Haunting: Season 6

Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements (2015)

Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC (2014)

Souvenirs of Bucovina: A Romanian Survival Guide (2012)

americandreamer greatmuseum harperlee bucovina



Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 2

Flash: Season 1

Last Man on Earth: Season 1

League: Season 5

Modern Family: Season 6

New Girl: Season 3

Teen Wolf: Season 3 Part 2

Teen Wolf: Season 4

agentsofshield flash lastman newgirl


That’ll about do it for this week’s haul. We’ll be back with more new releases next Tuesday! See you then!



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