Plan Your Trip!


Change is afoot in Seattle, and the U District is no exception. Roosevelt Way has seen its fair share lately, including new condominiums, a new food bank and affordable housing complex, and most recently, the implementation of a bike lane.

All that change brings challenges, and as the bike lane project progresses, ours will be parking. Your support of Scarecrow during the Roosevelt redesign is critical. In order to offset the inconveniences expected to start on July 5th, we’d like to arm you with information to plan your next trip.

  • Be informed. Click here for weekly SDOT project updates.
  • Know your options. Click here for tips on nearby parking areas and alternative travel methods.
  • Plan ahead. Roosevelt may be down to one lane between 9 am – 3 pm, Monday – Friday. Consider coming to Scarecrow evenings or weekends when more lanes are open and there’s more parking in our lot. Or avoid Roosevelt altogether by using alternative streets like 9th NE or 11th Ave. NE (two good places to find parking as well).
  • Save yourself the return trip. We have postage-paid mailers! For $4.25, you can put four discs into pre-labeled mailers and drop them into any USPS mailbox. All the fun of picking the perfect movies to watch without the chore of returning them!
  • SUPPORT SCARECROW! The City of Seattle doesn’t provide any compensation to businesses impacted by this project. This is why your support of Scarecrow is so important. Visiting Scarecrow is one of the best ways to show your support, but if you can’t, you can still support us by donating to our Yellow Brick Road Fundraising campaign now!

Please remember Scarecrow isn’t alone in this. Businesses throughout the U-District are struggling with the same problem. We hope you’ll find this list of options helpful and that you’ll use it to support us and our neighbors during the Roosevelt redesign. U-District businesses can only continue to thrive with your help and patronage. We look forward to seeing you at Scarecrow soon!

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