Scarecrow Rental by Mail Pricing Examples

We are looking into getting the cost per rental added to the searchable database, but in the meantime, we thought we could provide some basic information and a few examples to help with estimating how much an order might be.

SHIPPING:  $12 per order for up to six (6) discs


This grid provides a general overview of our pricing categories – exceptions do occur.

Items Rental Price
General catalog titles $4.50
Very short form titles (under 30 minutes) $1.00
Short form & family titles (usually around an hour in length) $3.00
Longer form titles (usually 2-3 discs) $6.00
Long form box set / tv series (usually 3-6 discs) $11.00

REMINDER:  The maximum number of discs per order is 6, so be sure to note the number of discs for each of your items.  The online catalog will note how many discs a title has. If there is no number listed, it is a single-disc title:








The following provides a few different examples of what a Rental By Mail order might look like.  It’s intended to provide a general illustration and is not specific to individualized orders.  You will be sent an email of the total amount of your order once it has been completed and getting ready to ship.  [Please note that tax is not included in the examples below.]

Example 1:  
Seven Samurai (2 discs) $4.50
Shipping $12.00
Total $16.50
Example 2:  
Avatar (3 discs) $4.50
Frozen Planet (3 discs) $6.00
Shipping $12.00
Total $22.50
Example 3:  
Star Trek: Next Generation, Season 1 (6 discs) $11.00
Shipping $12.00
Total $23.00
Example 4:  
Harold & Maude (1 disc) $4.50
Cat People/Curse of the Cat People (1 disc) $4.50
Spirited Away (1 disc) $4.50
Lion King (1 disc) $3.00
Better Than Chocolate (1 disc) $4.50
The More the Merrier (1 disc) $4.50
Shipping $12.00
Total $37.50
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