Scarecrow 2.1 Update!

We are thrilled to announce that Scarecrow Video is partnering with Cast Iron Coding to complete work on digital infrastructure improvements made possible through support of our Scarecrow 2.1 Campaign. Earlier in 2021, the Scarecrow Community fully funded this initiative whose end goal is a brand new web presence that offers a more user-friendly rent-by-mail experience, improved catalog searches and reservations, and a platform for our original digital content.

Cast Iron Coding has an impressive track record of completing similar projects for arts organizations, non-profits, libraries, and higher-education. Their clients include MOCA, The David Hockney Foundation, Oregon Food Bank, and The University of Minnesota Press. We feel incredibly fortunate to be working with a group whose technical skills are equally matched with their shared passion for Scarecrow’s mission.

“I know I speak for the whole Cast Iron team when I say that we are all excited to roll up our sleeves and get started on this project,” shared Cast Iron Coding’s Principal Zach Davis. “I have fond memories of the hours I spent combing through my neighborhood video store’s collection. For me, that place, Flicks and Pics on—where else—Friendly Street, was all about a community of movie lovers sharing excitement, engaging in debate, and building friendships around film. I feel lucky to have found a similar, if much larger, community in Scarecrow, and I’m confident that Cast Iron’s thoughtful, deliberate, and user-experience centered approach will result in a platform that the Scarecrow community will love using!”

Work on the Scarecrow 2.1 project is scheduled to begin in January. For updates on the project, sign up for our e-newsletter here.

We remain incredibly grateful to the Scarecrow Community for making this project possible and look forward to reaching more film lovers in more places in 2022!

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