Scarecrow Academy Zeigeist ’23: The Overlooked Films of 2022

The Overlooked Movies of 2022

Thursday, January 26 @ 7:00PM PT

A lecture-discussion hosted by Robert Horton

You know about last year’s blockbusters, you’ve heard about the critics’ award-winners, you’ve endured the Oscar buzz. In this free online Zeitgeist ‘23! talk, we pick a crop of 2022 films unfairly overlooked by the hypemeisters. Film critic Robert Horton promises a varied selection of titles, rumored to include at least one droll indie comedy, a superbly directed paranoid thriller by a first-time filmmaker, and a harrowing period piece on a hot-button topic. We’re also looking forward to hearing your nominations for overlooked movies, so be ready to make your case!



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