Scarecrow Radio is On the Air

We’re incredibly proud to announce our new podcast! SCARECROW RADIO is the official podcast of SCARECROW VIDEO, the world’s largest video library, located in Seattle, Washington. Each episode our hosts Ben and Darcy speak with a diverse panel of guests about a wide variety of films and film adjacent topics. You don’t want to miss out on a podcast that we can only hope someone will someday describe as, “at least one thumb up!”

Episode 2 is here! Ben and Darcy talk with Vivian Hua of the Northwest Film Forum about Local Sightings Film Festival (streaming now at They also kick-off a reoccurring segment with Scarecrow’s Rich where he is subjected to watching various film series in one sitting. Also, explore the music of The Year of My Japanese Cousin with the help of Scarecrow’s buyer and Soundtrack Cinema DJ, Mark Steiner.

You can listen on Soundcloud HERE.

Spotify HERE.

Stitcher HERE.



Our debut episode features a very special guest, local genius and Jeopardy! hero Ken Jennings, who tells us all about his obsessions with Scarecrow’s various cinematic corners. Our own Sage Cruser discusses the films of Kelly Reichardt, and Matt Lynch begins a regular series on exploitation film.

You can listen on Soundcloud HERE.

On Spotify HERE.

On Stitcher HERE.

As for ITunes, well, we’re still working on that, but watch this space.

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