Scarecrow’s Favorites of the Decade!

Since 2010 a lot’s changed here at Scarecrow. We opened our screening room in 2013, became a non-profit in 2014, started our Silver Screeners, Outdoor Movies at Magnuson, and Children’s Hour series, and a lot more. But mostly what we did was add to our vast catalog. We don’t have the exact numbers, but we estimate that Scarecrow Video brought in roughly 40,000 new rental titles in the last decade, increasing our total catalog to over 135,000 individual titles. We figured that since we’re so obsessive about our movies, the best way to celebrate that was to make a list. We had some pretty simple criteria for what could go on that list. It could be anything that came out in the last decade that was a feature film or a long-form, contained story. So open-ended TV shows wouldn’t count (that’s a list for another time), but a mini-series might. Each of our staff members made a ranked top 25 list, and the titles were given a score based on their ranking, and their point totals determined their spots on our list. We think the breadth of this list matches the breadth of our catalog, with narrative films and documentaries from all over the world, in multiple languages, about all kinds of subjects, from filmmakers of all kinds. It’s not just a list of our favorites but a quick scan of what made movies so exciting in the last ten years. So with no more ado, we proudly present Scarecrow’s Favorites of the 2010s!


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