Sexy Dispatches from TWIST



by Keith Bacon

TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival (formerly the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival) is exciting in ways beyond just a new name—the festival has broadened its reach into new realms of visual storytelling, including a 2-D art show, a dance class, VR and 360º filmmaking technology, and can’t-miss live performances. It’s the biggest, boldest, most immersive and ground-breaking edition of the festival ever.

It may also be the sexiest.
Let’s start with the shorts programs, because sometime a quickie is just what you’re in the mood for. TURN ME ON focuses on gadgets, gizmos and modern technology that are forging bold new connections between our bodies and our partners. CHANCE ENCOUNTERS goes through all the gay rites of sexual passage, from one-night stands to love at first sight. The fashion/style themed program U GOT THE LOOK features some exceptionally steamy short films including BE RIGHT BACK and TROUSER BAR. And unforgettably erotic encounters in TRANS SHORTS include EVA and SAY U WILL.

One of the sexiest programs in the festival also promises to be one of the liveliest. THE LONG HAUL LIVE is a hybrid film-performance starring Seattle’s very own (and very sexy) Buckaroos. You’ll get up and close and personal with these gorgeous men as they gyrate their way into your hearts. If glistening, beefy, thong-clad cowboys aren’t your thing, don’t miss FEMME BRUTAL. This remarkable documentary captures provocative performances and candid interviews with Vienna-based queer feminist show Club Burlesque Brutal, discussing and demonstrating what drew them to this particularly radical form of burlesque, their struggles with gender identity, body politics and sexuality, all of which are explored during their powerful performances. Babeland hosts a FEMME BRUTAL pre-party at 7:30pm the night of the show, while The Buckaroos will be throwing down at Purr right after THE LONG HAUL LIVE.

PARIS 05:59: THEO & HUGO undoubtedly takes this year’s prize for the most eye-popping sex scenes, opening with an extended group encounter in the infamous Parisian sex club L’Impact. On the sweeter, fluffier side, the frisky documentaries FURSONAS and SECRET LIFE OF THE HUMAN PUPS shed new light on these burgeoning scenes and the myriad ways they are being embraced, from kink to cuddling. You’ll never look at tornadoes the same way again after a passionate scene that unfolds in the lesbian romance, HEARTLAND. And for a blast from the past, don’t miss the 20th anniversary screening of the sexy and hilarious THE WATERMELON WOMAN, with writer-director-star Cheryl Dunye  in attendance. Scarecrow members (and employees!) can pick up sure-fire flirting-with-films tips from this landmark film that resonates in many ways even more strongly today.

watermelonwoman_3-1The “dinner and movie” approach to a sexy night is certainly tried and true (and highly encouraged during the run of TWIST, October 13-23) but sometimes you’ve got to be a little more bold and a little less passive. The TWIST Twerkshop with The Lady B promises to teach you all the right moves for getting down. Meanwhile, a featured program of TWIST360º queer immersive media festival is Machine To Be Another, which provides users the opportunity to virtually switch bodies with a partner, and who hasn’t ever had a fantasy along those lines?

Whatever your tastes or desires, there’s something to satisfy everyone at TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival. Because ultimately, there’s nothing sexier than being yourself.

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Festival Director Keith Bacon has returned to helm TWIST after a 2-year sabbatical, during which time his first feature-length screenplay was selected as a finalist for the Outfest Screenwriting Lab. In his other life as a freelance marketing consultant, Keith collaborates with ad agencies, movie studios, and major corporations on copywriting, concept development, creative direction, naming & title explorations, curating, on-site activation and music supervision. He loves sandwiches and Scarecrow’s Psychotronic section.

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