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by Tim Vernor

The Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival has been a place to discover up and coming filmmakers for 12 years. We love filmmakers that are able to present an authentic voice while focusing on quality storytelling. I have a lot of favorite films from the last few years. I watch hundreds of independent films each year and the ones that stick with me always have something special about them. These are films made with small budgets and without famous actors. The filmmakers have something to prove and this is their chance to get their work in front of an audience and establish a career. Here are some of my favorite films that were shown in the past years that you can find on the shelves at Scarecrow now.

Dive! (2010) Directed by Jeremy Seifert

dive movie

A documentary about dumpster diving for your dinner. Jeremy is fascinated by the waste created by Los Angeles’ largest grocery stores. He is able to find perfectly edible groceries to feed himself and his friends. He uses his findings to confront several the store managers and a few agree to divert food to nonprofit organizations to distribute to the homeless and hungry. It seems like not much has changed since this film and we can all look and work within our own communities to end hunger.

Motivational Growth (2013) Directed by Don Thacker

motivational growth

Ian, a shut-in who has not left his apartment in months begins a conversation with the mold growing in his bathroom. The mold provides encouragement and Ian is even able to begin a relationship with his neighbor Leah. Things begin to get even weirder as Ian tries to sort out delusion from reality. The film is set to an 8-bit video game style score that will take you right back to the 90s.

The Invoking (2013) Directed by Jeremy Berg


After inheriting a house from a distant relative in a rural area, Samantha invites three of her friends to check it out. Of course there is a creepy caretaker to show them around and answer a few questions about the family Samantha had not seen since she spent some time on the property during her childhood. As memories return and her friends start asking questions, Samantha’s life begins to get real.

Snuff: A Documentary About Killing On Camera (2008) Directed by Paul von Stoetzel


This documentary examines the urban legend of films where someone is purposely murdered on film. Paul interviews experts in pornography, FBI agents and academics about the topic and mixes in lots of great historic clips from suspect films. His search turns into an excellent conversation about the culture of pornography, exploitation and fear of the unknown.

Rat Rod Rockers (2010) Directed by D.A. Sebasstian

rat rod rockers 2

Fast cars, hot girls and a lost fortune! The Rat Rod Rockers take control of a small town looking for a moonshiner’s buried treasure. The Milldues, who unknowingly purchased the old timers house, are forced to pull out all the stops to defend their turf. Created as a homage to classic B-movies, this film never slows down.

Tim Vernor is the Executive Director of STIFF. 

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