The 2022 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge!

31 days • October • 2022

“’Bout a 9 on the tension scale, Reub.”



Denoting or relating to a genre of films that typically have a science fiction, horror, or fantasy theme and were made on a low budget.

-Oxford English Dictionary

We staff don’t necessarily subscribe to the low budget part of that definition since movies like Prey and Predator are not exactly low budget affairs but are well within the above mentioned sub-genres. That being said, we do like an underdog more often than not and when you’re challenging the mean you might as well have a lot of fun pushing yourself to new lows.

The basic guidelines are:

• Watch at least 1 movie per day during the month of October in whatever order suits you.

• Must fall within the psychotronic definition.

• Have fun and get weird.

• If you see something, say something! Post your watches on social media and make sure to tag them with #SCVpsychochallenge. @scarecrowvideo (twitter and facebook) (instagram)


Now for the watch list:

[  ]1. START SMALL: It may seem cute at first, but these little ones are always a challenge. Watch one with an evil offspring in it.

[  ]2. TROUBLE IN THE TUB: Bath time ain’t always relaxing.

[  ]3. DEAD IN THE SUBURBS: Neither is living in the ‘burbs.

[  ]4. MASKED MANDATE: We’re still wearing them and so shall tonight’s antagonist.

[  ]5. CAKE IN FRIGHT: To celebrate the birth of Donald Pleasence, light a candle, eat a slice and watch one of his many.

[  ]6. BEE AFRAID, BEE VERY AFRAID: Buzz through a bee picture, there’s a whole swarm to choose from.

[  ]7. THE 7TH OFFERING: Watch the 7th film in a franchise in honor of the 7th year of the challenge.

[  ]8. THE MONSTER MASH: Multiple monsters in one movie? That’s a graveyard smash!

[  ]9. FULL MOON FEVER: Since the “heavenly body” is out tonight, a lycanthrope story seems just right.

[  ]10. THE FIRST WAVE: One made by an indigenous filmmaker or has indigenous cast members.

[  ]11. GOLDEN OLDIES: Post-war/50’s movies, from the schlock to the awes.

[  ]12. IT’S A REAL FREAK SCENE, JACK: A groovy 60’s grinder.

[  ]13. MAD(E) FOR TV: Any 70’s feature length that was made specifically for television.

[  ]14. THE RUBY ANNI-VHS-ARY: Watch something that came out in 1982. #onlyonVHS!

[  ]15. VIDEO STORE DAY: This is the big one. Watch something physically rented or bought from an actual video store. If you don’t have access to one of these sacred archival treasures then watch a movie with a video store scene in it at least. #vivaphysicalmedia

[  ]16. MAKING THE 3RD WALL: One where they’re filming a movie within the movie you’re watching.

[  ]17. THE VIDEO NASTY: Watch one of the 72 banned in the UK. And we thought the PMRC was tough…

[  ]18. SO MUCH DEATH: The R.I.P. section has been very active this year so today watch a movie with a high body count.

[  ]19. DRIPS: Blood, sweat, goop, tears, slime, or questionable muck is a must here.

[  ]20. TRIPS: Vacations don’t always go how you planned them. Can you get away from the getaway?

[  ]21. TRAPS: To lay or be laid, that is the question.

[  ]22. FURGET ABOUT PATTERSON & GIMLIN: Watch a non-American sasquatch movie.

[  ]23. PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY: In Psychotronic Challenge, the land haunts YOU! Hopefully that joke, ahem, landed okay. Folk it.

[  ]24. HOLEY SHEET!: Ddddid I just ssssee a ghost?

[  ]25. CRAIG’S TWIST: When that iffy roommate situation goes sour in a dangerous way.

[  ]26. GAMESHOWS: Roll the bones, try your luck, gamble with your life!

[  ]27. THE NATURAL ENTERTAINER: Watch one with a pro-wrestler turned actor. Put some raw fun in your movie mania.

[  ]28. SPACE ODDITIES: Aliens that imitate humans or take over a human body.

[  ]29. EXERCISE OR EXORCISE?: You’ll work it out…

[  ]30. DEVILS NIGHT: Watch one with mischief, mayhem or pranks in it but please keep the fires to a minimum.

[  ]31. RETIREMENT PARTY: Watch any movie with a character named Kevin in it. Bonus points if it has a badass movie dog.


Download the list here!

And check out some of our own staff picks for the challenge on our Youtube channel!


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