The Scarecrow Video Podcast Returns!

Meet our mascot, Augie.

Meet our mascot, Augie.

We’re back! At long last, after way too long of a break, we’re starting the Scarecrow Video Podcast up again. The plan is to have a new episode approximately every two weeks. You’ll still get your normal dose of Matt and Kevin acting like idiots and arguing about whatever new movies they watched, but we’re also planning on having lots of cool guests and more specialized segments in the future.

Here at Scarecrow we don’t just watch everything, we re-watch it. Matt will even re-watch movies he hated, just to see if he missed something that changes his mind. What’s the value in that? The guys talk all about it, as well as the staff’s current passion, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. So, for your listening pleasure, we present this all new Episode 1 of the Scarecrow Video Podcast!

You can download it here. We’ll be up on ITunes as soon as possible.

Here’s a link to an archive of all the old episodes!

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